Is there any way to increase the learning-speed/frequency of reviews?

i often find myself refreshing the page waiting for reviews, so i’m wondering if there is any way to make reviews & lessons come more often

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Short(er) answer: Not really, because wanikani doesn’t allow you to submit reviews for items before their due date.

Long answer: With a lot of effort, it is technically possible. Given a userscript, you could have the reviews be shown earlier, saving the results, then when the proper time comes, the userscript would submit your results to the server.

Does something like this exist? No. Will it ever exist? It’s a lot of work, so probably, but not in the near future.

The issue is that you’re on level 3. You currently have at most 349 items to worry about. Which is not a whole lot. If you go at around full speed, even with 100% accuracy, you can expect to have around 3000-3500 items “active” at a single time when you start burning. At earlier levels, wk feels slow, but you’ll be wanting it back once you hit your 10s and 20s.


No need to wait for the crabigator to bestow more torture blessings upon you. So many other things to learn! :crabigator:


Enjoy (or despise, I guess) it as long as you can. Just a couple of levels and your problem will solve itself. Because I used to be just like that what feels like just a week ago.


you could also read The Ultimate Guide for WK, it has a lot of useful hints on how to efficiently use WK. in particular if you’re planning to go fast. ^^

another thing to consider is that WK has an accelerator (doing lessons) but no breaks (once you’ve done a lesson, you’ll have it in your reviews until it’s burned - at least half a hear). WK tries to ease you in gently…


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