Is there an app or script that helps me review burned items?

Sometimes I feel like going through burned items to ensure I still know them. I don’t want to unburn them because it is to my understanding that i’d have to burn them again, and they would clutter my current queue.

If possible i’d like it to have the feature to just review old kanji (no vocab or radicals), but I will take whatever I can.

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The self study quiz can do that. You’ll need to make a new quiz type with the settings panel, but it has the power to do exactly what you want


Awesome, thanks. I will check it out first-thing in the morning.

WaniKani Speed app is a good one!
It’s pretty simplified, but it lets you review from any category from apprentice to burned c:

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You can unburn them and reintroduce them into your queue.


Anyway, the Self-Study Quiz lets you do what you want. Although, you have to change some of the options for it to behave exactly like you’d expect. Change the dropdown list to “Japanese to English” and “Burned Items”, and in the settings maybe change Auto-Show Correct Answer and warn if it has multiple readings.

I finally tried it and it’s exactly what I wanted. Thanks again.

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