Is there a way to use the old font?

Just noticed that a new update just rolled out changing the fonts. Is there any way to use the old google font? I’ve gotten way to used to it. Thank you.

Yeah, I use Firefox so ill give you the step by step for that but it’ll be similar for Chrome and Edge also. You can start out with opening your Web Developer Tool, while in the middle of a review/lesson session. Getting to Developer tools is easy by highlighting the character in the middle of the screen, right clicking and pressing inspect.

Now for Firefox there should be a window open on the bottom of your window with three segments, and the middle one having “Filter styles” at the top of it. If you don’t see this, press “Inspector” at the top and you should. In the 'Filter styles" tab you will scroll down until you see “–font-family-default”. Next to it, it should say “Noto Sans”, and such. Press this and erase it. The font should go back to the default that your browser uses. It will stay like that until you refresh your session, at which point you have to redo these steps.

For Edge, its the same except there will only be two segments that appear on the right side, and you want to look at the bottom segment that starts with styles. Here scroll down for the same variable as above and delete it.

For Chrome should be similar but I’m not downloading chrome.

These changes are only temporary and if you want them to stick I recommend downloading a style script or something. I don’t really mind deleting one variable on start up, but there are ways of making the change permanent with outside scripts.