Is there a way to see what's on an item's whitelist?

I actually forgot why I wanted this possibility. :sob: Got distracted with a different issue with KaniWani. If/when I remember why I wanted this, I’ll update this post to reflect that. Let’s just take it as a given for the moment that there’s a legitimate reason to want to see what’s on a particular item’s whitelist. :sweat_smile:

Is it possible? I searched the forums, but most mentions of the whitelist(s) are quite unrelated to whether this is possible or not.

The API exposes it in the Subject Data Structure. I don’t think you can find it anywhere else like on the item page or anything.

Auxiliary Meaning Object Attributes

Attribute Data Type Description
meaning String A singular subject meaning.
type String Either whitelist or blacklist . When evaluating user input, whitelisted meanings are >used to match for correctness. Blacklisted meanings are used to match for incorrectness.

SDS apparently stands for:

  1. Super Duper Secret… what?
  2. Safety Data Sheet
  3. Subject Data Structure
  4. SDS Died Slowly

Here’s a legitimate reason: You want to know if there’s something shorter you could type, or other possible synonyms, or maybe why something was accepted in a review


Also: SDS Doesn’t-have-an-official-recursive-backronym So-don’t-go-looking-for-one!-Sheesh-:roll_eyes:

<This space reserved for a future indicator of sarcasm, should one ever be needed. Hopefully not. />


Was too lazy to type the closing tag, so had to use shorthand


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