Is there a way to see the SRS history of an item?

Is it possible to view the history of a particular item? For example, could you see all the times you reviewed 役人 and whether you got it wrong/right and the SRS level change it caused?


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I don’t think so. But I don’t know for sure.

WK itself tells you how often you’ve seen an item but it will not tell you the exact stages it was in.

I know there is a user script that will enhance the dashboard and let you know about an item’s current stage but again ~ this will not give you a full review history.


Here I believe: WaniKani API Reference


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You can go to the item and scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the percentage of times that you got it correct, your current SRS level and your next review but not the changed a wrong answer caused.

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THIS. I wonder if someone has already written a userscript to play with the history of each item… I might play around. THANKS!

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