Is there a way to remove things from the burn pile?

Hi all, ADD thought it’d be a good idea to have me drop my daily reviews back in March this year. I’ve got meds now and am trying to get back into the swing of things.

One thing that concerns me though is I’ve burnt some items that I may have just gotten lucky on. Any chance there’s a way to pop them back in the review stack? Or would it make more sense to just periodically review the burn pile?

You can resurrect the item to send it back to apprentice 1. The resurrect button is at the bottom of the item page.


Thanks! I probably could have found that with a search but (weird as it may seem) posting here was necessary for me to keep going.


You can also re-burn the item at any time.


something that might be good to know is that there’s a time-out for items that you reburn. I forget how long, but basically, during this period you can’t unburn them again to put them into the review pile. Could be weeks or a month. I’d look in the Knowledge Base for answer to this.

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