Is there a way to make a rule for these particular rendakus?

Thank you @Emay and @madtapa ! I will do a deep dive into your two approaches. I appreciate your support!

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Can’t help you with the じつs and the にちs, they’re mostly trial and error, and getting used to the sound of the correct reading. But when it comes to the moon there’s a bit of a pattern.

げつ seems to refer to the concept of a month. So any kind of “This month”, “Last month” or “Every month” will be a げつ, whereas for the names of months like January (いちがつ) February (にがつ) etc. it’s always the がつ reading. So when you say “What month” you’re actually saying “What-uary”? What number do you put in front of the month kanji?

And then on a bit of a tangent, they’re the same kanji but the つき reading for 月 is used exclusively for the actual, physical moon. (As far as my level 12 self knows!)

It does actually get used to mean just “month” as well. Like if you’re going to talk about “the names of the months” that would be 月の名前. Or if you do something twice a month, you’d say 月に二回. Paying something “month-to-month” would be 月々つきづき. But it’s usually clear from context whether it’s moon or month.


TIL, thanks!

And for 毎月 :wink:

Clearly talking about 毎月 in the solar system.


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