Is there a script to skip kanji (English) meaning after it reaches guru and to skip readings entirely?

First three levels are free so hopefully by then you’ll really know whether WK is your thing or not. Please let us know regardless - that’s always interesting i think! And if you continue browsing the forums all the better :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And that’s where it will become natural quite fast to (mostly) think of the on’yomi reading when a Kanji item with pink background appears as opposed to when the same item appears as a vocab review with purple background. There’s even a script you could install that shows you explicitly whether Kun’yomi or On’yomi is asked. (KunOn+)

With the 力 example the more common On’yomi reading is リョク btw and will get used a lot in subsequent vocabulary → it helps you read those even in the wild if you don’t yet know the meaning.