Is there a sale coming soon?

My subscription lapsed recently, but I’d feel stupid paying full price if there’s going to be a black friday sale or something like that. i’m poor! but i don’t want to lose my progress either…thanks <_<

I can’t be certain it will happen again this year, but they have a track record of doing a special sale of lifetime memberships in the middle of December.


that’s a long time to be off the grind <_< maybe i can figure out a way to…study on my own until then lol

If you subscribe for a year right now, the remaining amount will get prorated towards the lifetime subscription once you buy that.


how does that work exactly?

They do it automatically. Say if you now pay 120$ for the yearly subscription (I know it’s cheaper but just for the sake of easier math :rofl:), if you then buy a lifetime subscription exactly one month later, you have “spent” only 10$ off of the 120$ so you will get a discount for the lifetime of 110$. If you buy it two months later, you will get a discount of 100$ and so on.
You could buy monthly until the sale, and that would work the same, but the yearly subscription is a bit cheaper than 12 times the monthly, and if you’re going to spend the money anyways, then you are better off with a yearly subscription.


interesting. thanks, i might do that.

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