Is There A Limit To Vacation Mode?

I use vacation mode not too infrequently…maybe I shouldn’t, but sometimes I know putting reviews on vacation for a night when I’m exhausted will leave me feeling refreshed the next day rather than feeling overwhelmed by all the reviews that have piled up. Is there a limit to how many times you can use it? I’m afraid that one day I’ll really need it and I won’t be able to activate it.


There is not a limit in that sense. I think it has a cool off period, so you can’t turn it on and off every 5 minutes. But it won’t suddenly be unavailable one day from using it too often.


I feel like this would prevent the SRS system from working right, or at least lower your accuracy

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Yeah, if you do a bunch of lessons in the afternoon, then get busy and exhausted and don’t do the reviews before bed, vacation won’t help you out… you’re probably going to fail more of those first time reviews than you otherwise would.

But if the only reviews that were due to come were guru or later items, then one evening will probably have a minimal effect.


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