Is there a general rule for 人?

I was wondering if there was a general rule for what reading to use in certain situations with 人. So far it seems to be pretty random when to use ひと, にん or じん. The only consistent one atm seems to be にん for the counter for people. Perhaps the further I get into my grammar study there will be a explanation?

I have managed to figure out that the reading for 月 as がつ is usually only used when describing the actual months e.g. January, Feb etc. Where as げつ is more for the general term month, e.g. next month, last month.

Is there any one general rule you guys use to help you remember what reading to use for 人?

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Yes, but please find your best answers…

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Rule One: it’s the opposite of what you think it is.


HITO is an actual word that means something [noun], which is why it is read completely different [ this is the concept of onyomi and kunyomi ]

nin and jin are used in compound situations as far as I know - you will see this with all kanji that have multiple readings - an there are phonetic rules where you see this happen more often - although I cant think of any right now.

generally use jin unless you know for sure its nin

  • as a counter for people this is nin

Even then, you will learn the words as you need them once you take them into your vocabulary.

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