Is the order of items available via the API?

By the order I mean the way the items are ordered on the kanji/vocabulary list pages.

I’d expect lesson_position to reflect that, but either it means something else, or has wrong values. At least if the first level is concerned.

The description says:

The position that the subject appears in lessons.

Does this mean the order in which items appear when I’m learning new items? Is it fixed?

Or is it the order in which items are ordered on the kanji/vocabulary list pages?

If lesson_position is something else, is the order on the kanji/vocabulary list pages available via the API?

Lesson position is per level I believe, this is mentioned somewhere in the api docs. It tells you, in what order the items appear in once you unlock a new level and start the lessons.

On the kanji/vocabulary pages, they are in alphabetical order based on their English primary meaning,
So for kanji, above, below, big, construction, …