Is Refold actually going to make me fluent?

I’m not saying this is wrong, but it’s with noting that Krashen does not equal the entire LA research community. I would be curious if that appears to be a widely held position.

I would also like to know that. But Krashen holding on to it and Kaufmann actually admitting that he was wrong after all this time puts a weight I can’t personally ignore on the subject, which is what I meant. I know Krashen saying something doesn’t equate invariable truth, especially when it can be a subjective experience.

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Sorry, I’m just used to people online treating Krashen as gospel, which is annoying.

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Not meant to be a counter point, but just anecdotally every N2 or N1 passer I’ve ever met was decently competent in communication skills. To be fair, none of them were Chinese. I always found it perplexing that you’ll hear people talk about N1 passers as like… universally actually terrible at speaking Japanese or something, when it was so different from my experience. I get that some of that is probably salty people, but still.


Can confirm, when I was in Japanese School last year, my school had a segregation based on a small written essay - completely different from the “pick one of these” format of the JLPT.

Several Chinese people with N2 certificates were dunked into the most basic levels because of this. Then again, speaking Japanese was never about getting certificates, but about, you know, talking.

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I’m wondering if anyone’s seen Matt vs Japan’s recent collab discussing learning methods with a Japanese Youtuber (in Japanese)? I follow the Japanese youtuber and was very surprised to see Matt in one of her videos.

Matt vs Japan Interview with Yoko (日本語ペッラペラな🇺🇸人と本当に自然な英語を身につける方法語った feat Matt vs. Japan (#1) - YouTube)