Is progress data alteration possible without catastrophic results?

Hello! I am writing because my progress data is messed up due to a long break I took after starting on WaniKani.

When I started in October 2017, I was not yet ready to fully dive into learning kanji. Then I had surgery on my spine, which pulled my focus to recovering from my injuries for the following two and a half years. At this point, I have mostly recovered, and am learning Japanese again, having discovered the joy in doing so with WaniKani!

My only problem is that my progress data projections in the statistics websites and companion apps is super funky due to my break without using vacation mode. At the time, I had no idea these issues may arise in the future.

Since it technically took me 955 days to finish level 2, my projections for how long it will take me to finish a level are super high, usually almost three years. Level 3 took me about 9 and a half days to complete, and I’ve been in level 4 for about 5 and a half days. Now that I’ve completed the radical and kanji lessons for the level, Tsurukame has adjusted its estimated time remaining in the level from 999 days to 3 and a half days. has adjusted its estimation to around 4 days.

I find this mildly frustrating, and want to have some more realistic progress data! It’s not a huge problem, but I would like to “fix” it if there is a way, so I have come here to humbly ask for assistance. If you are reading this and know of a way to safely alter my progress data without affecting the SRS, please let me know!

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you can just click the graph of the long level to exclude it from the stats
also there is no way you reached level 4 in 5 and half days, the minimal level up time is 6 days and 20 hours
Just click on it and it’ll become transparent like this meaning its excluded


Sorry, what’s the problem? It sounds like it was already fixed. Otherwise, seconding what @animexamera said about wkstats.

They said they’ve been on level 4 for 5.5 days, not that they reached it in that time.


oh right, sorry about that

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I did not know I could do that! Thanks! That solves my wkstats problem for whenever the new site has projections.

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The problem is that when I start a new level, the projections shown in Tsurukame and wkstats for when I will complete it are nearly 3 years, which is not accurate based on my current amount of study. What @animexamera mentioned for wkstats totally works, though, so I can just go off of that until I get further into the level and Tsurukame’s stats are more realistic.

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i never used tsurukame
this is the first tim ei heard of it actually lol

I really like it, honestly! Jakeipuu seems like it works well, also. It’s nice to be able to use WaniKani in a mobile app, though I’ve never really tried the mobile site so I’m unsure of how they compare.

its a mobile app?

It’s an app for iOS.


Hmm I don’t know if there’s anything you can do for Tsurukame… could you just ignore it? :sweat_smile: If you already know that it takes you about 9 days to level up.

I think for Tsurukame, they need to do is another level-up - it uses the median 50%

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I agree.

@foxxsau Hopefully over time the level up estimate will better match your actual times.

i have an android haha


Who is this?

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this is my mouse cursor.

Normal is Orang
Clickables are Brang
Loading is Rorang
CD is useless cuz i dont have a cd-drive
beam is for text marking

I can share if you’d like
Feel free to check out my other babies too


That is an… Interesting choice


Yes, interesting is a word for it


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