Is my set up for learning any good?

so for words such as kanji and vocab im using wanikani. and for grammer im using imabi is this a good start? im on level 7 and i was doing my studies pretty passivley im now going to start putting time aside to study every day

As long as you stick to it and keep progressing your competency, most any resource will be useful. I tried Imabi and found it a tad too boring for me (which is surprising, as boring materials don’t usually bother me). From what I saw it was solid material though.

If I were you, I’d set aside some more time for listening and speaking. That could be a tutor or it could be podcasts or it could be something like Assimil. If you’re not interested in speaking the language, you can of course choose not to.

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You have a daunting task up ahead. Everything that keeps you motivated is elemental. Of all websites and apps, wanikani kept me on my toes much more as all other services. But of course, if you are really serious, I recommend heading to one of the penpal or langauge exchange websites and try to find a native. Japanese is so different in structure and feel that it will be a big help. Ideally, you will later on have a friend who you can visit and who can show you things you would not experience on your own.

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i find imabi to be boring too a little bit too but it sticks with me what i’ve read so far as im writing notes, for the speaking and listening i’ve been thinking the same thing that I need to find something for, but since I dont know much Japanese will listening and speaking really do me that good? I’m teaching myself completely and everything I’ve found has been from research myself and when listening to Japanese conversation i can only pick up a word or two as of now.

You better believe it will. It’ll be instrumental if you want to actually be able to process the spoken language at any reasonable capacity any time soon. Try the beginner lessons from Teppei, maybe. I’ve seen too many threads from people who claim to be at a N2 level “but their listening comprehension sucks, what do?”

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I’ll start listening, especially since I love podcasts.i guess as the days go by I’ll start to get it more and more. Thank you!

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