Is memorizing radicals actually useful?

Oh, it works for me as well, absolutely! In fact that was the only thing that worked back when I started studying kanji. And it’s totally fine for me that it only teaches a small part of what is there to learn in kanji-world (namely recognizing kanji). It’s just that when I started to leave the WK bubble and started to learn some of the other things (namely writing kanji and knowing each kanji’s radical by name), I found that sometimes there is no smooth extension, but instead I needed to unlearn and relearn things, e.g. because WK glosses over and unifies things that are in fact different. That’s what makes me a bit sad.

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I recently got the Kanji 初 and yeah… That’s not exactly the “spirit” radical. But I’m aware that Wanikani needs to have a “radical” for every part of the Kanji. Plus, I like the mnemonic for this one :joy:

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