Is it possible to manually lower my score for certain words?

In a routine review it asked me for the meaning of 出かける, from about two or three levels back. This is one of those words that seem deceptively obvious to me, as I always get objectively wrong – I answered “to remove”, yet it gave me the green-colored “your answer was a bit off” and bumped me up to Master anyway. I’m a very forgetful person and I’m almost certain this is the umpteenth time I’ve answered “to remove” for that word. Needless to say, I think this is very counter-productive to actually memorizing the word’s meaning.

I tried clicking through my Vocabulary and Progression things but see no buttons to reset it. Perhaps, alternatively, there can be some option added we can choose to have Wanikani treat “A bit off” as the equivalent of “Wrong”?

Couldn’t you just occasionally get it intentionally wrong? As well as making a note of that word and occasionally glancing at it?

That script will make it so you have to type in the right answer exactly.

Personally I use a reorder so that the reading follows the meaning. If I didnt deserve to get the meaning right ill intentionally mess up the reading.

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