Is it possible to apply a discount code while still having an active subscription?

Wanikani just released a temporary 50% off discount TURTLEDOWN and my yearly subscription expires next week, so I wanted to use the code asap. However, I didnt see a way to prepurchase the next year’s subscription. Is there a way to renew the subscription using the discount code or am I stuck paying full price any time I want to renew my subscription?


Hmm, I don’t imagine you’d need to cancel your subscription to take advantage of the new discount, if you even can, considering you already paid for it.

@Mods seems like a good question.

Is the code only good for one week?
If it’s just January, then idk, honestly, but it would kinda suck.


Hey, pop us an email at and we’ll get that sorted for you.

Thanks for the heads up, the code was sent last month and was valid for the whole of January, the email from today was just a reminder that the code was about to expire.

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Just sent over the email. Appreciate the quick response!

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