Is it ok to take a break and just wait for tomorrow on too many reviews?

So I was busy for a few hours, only to come back and to see nearly 200 reviews. Is it ok if I just finish part of the review and just put vacation mode until tomorrow?

Dont put vacation mode, just let them sit there. Vacation mode is meant for prolonged periods of time.


Oh ok,

I just feel like I’ll wake up to much more

I’ll just try doing them all right now

Maybe not as much as you would expect depending on when you do your reviews usually.

I personally use and recommend this script as it allows you to see what reviews you have coming up

It looks like this


OH ok thanks for this script, I feel like this one will actually help a lot!

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Be careful. If you’re too hard on yourself you might burn out. Slow is better than stopping altogether.

Gradatim Ferociter
Step by Step, Ferociously
Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.


Oh well then, I guess I’ll have to take this advice to heart

I end up burning out a lot because I do tend to have really high expectations for myself oops-


Also I notice you say you like rhythm games. Are you perhaps a fellow stepmania, LR2, o2jam, mania, or KSM player?!


I play stepmania!! But I’m mostly into Pop’n Music/DDR

I’ve never heard of the other games, actually! Tell me about them!

osu! is cool too.


osu! is pretty fun!


Do you play 9k or 5k?

LR2 is a clone of a japanese 7k+1 game called beatmania that looks something like this. I say 7k+1 because its really 7 key with an extra turntable button that sometimes comes into play, but some people call it 8k:

KSM(k shoot mania) is another PC clone of a japanese arcade game. Its a clone of sound voltex which is super fun (and i actually have a full controller for). Its 6 key with two little knobs that you can turn left and right.

O2jam is a 7key rhythm game that is pretty old but was popular in the Philippines, korea, and other parts of asia. It birthed what I would call a lot of the best rhythm gamers to ever live. O2jam has a lot of long notes as its iconic style and its very very very hard lol. If you have ever played some long note heavy maps on stepmania you know what im talking about. Its very different from LR2 which has minimal long notes and is just a lot of chords and high note count.

If you dont believe me, check this out

Yeah I used to play std then i switched over to mania after losing my tablet pen!


I don’t have money for these fancy things, I just use mouse :joy:
Did buy a mechanical keyboard though (recently). Still can’t stream for my life, but at least it’s overall easier now.

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I do 9k mostly. I can do up to some 30’s!!!


I didn’t know they had clones lol

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OH I meant 30 in the old scale

I forgot that that would be a 36 now

Oh shit, ive always wanted to learn 9k but i dont have the popnmusic controller and my pinkies refuse to work lol. Even when I played guitar hero when I was little, I never used my pinky (now that i think about it, maybe thats the cause).

And thats awesome! Do you live on the west coast or something? Most people in america that play those games dont actually have access to an arcade that has them so I just listed the clones. Now im curious if you’ve played maimai or chunithm (my favorite). Those are also japanese arcade games but im not sure if there are any here in america (or wherever you live).


I have the mini controller lol, I’d call 9 my favorite because it introduced my favorite character :smiley:

I’ve never even seen those!

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Don’t do vacation mode, but it’s definitely fine to wait to do reviews. It does mean you’ll level up slower. but when you limit your reviews, it means the next wave of them will also be more split apart and bite sized. If I get backed up on reviews for some reason (I miss a few days, etc) I usually go with this approach to limit myself to 100 reviews at a time or so. I think of it as scattering out the next wave in chunks rather than throwing them ahead in one chunk. In worst case if you have all of the kanji at the same progress amount, and you answer correctly for all of 200 of them. That just means you’re going to do another set of 200 reviews in X days. It’s very difficult to actually get this situation as each kanji is likely at a different progress amount and you may not get every kanji answered correctly so there’s some natural scattering. But limiting some reviews can help you ease back into the flow.

The second biggest thing I do to keep it easier on myself is that I also keep the amount of “active” items down. So I don’t do any more lessons if I have more than 100 apprentice items. Slower way to level up (usually 9-12 days rather than the 6 or 7 if you do it all and don’t forget anything), but it’s much more relaxed.


(Oh yeah, I kind of do everything all at once, I do end up leveling up in 6-7 days or somewhere around there, I’m not sure if that’s good or bad

If you’re not struggling with getting them correct, then it’s only bad in the amount time reviews may take as you get further in. Pacing myself is working wonders for me. Do what works for you.

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