Is it normal to forget things from only 1-2 levels ago?

For example I forgot 上る and its reading and briefly forgot agaru vs sagaru on which was up and down.


Yeah, thats normal. Hell I forget things from 10 minutes ago and I made it to level 60.


Are you like back or something? I only know you from threads that are two years old and now I’ve seen you twice within the last thirty minutes.


Leebo locked me in his basement but I finally managed to escape while he was playing a kanji kentei game on his nintendo DS.


Yeah, this can indeed happen. It is normal, however, when it happens, you should definitely review those items you are forgetting. You do not want it to be a habit to forget certain items over and over again. I have a habit like that. They are called leeches, and they can really suck. I went from Level 21 to Level 17 to so I could get back into the WaniKani groove (since I was not here for like a year mainly from burnout and from my subscription running out) and today just finished my 500 Reviews that I’ve been doing ever since a week ago.
I am not looking forward to 栄光 and 光栄 (and other vocabulary and stuff that can be very easily confused). >_<

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I hope it’s normal. I’m still struggling with these. Transitive/intransitive pairs… Freaking leech city man,


The main way how I deal with these is when it has an え and/or at the end, a す, it is transitive, and when it is anything else (usually あ and/or る, or just the Kanji with one kana next to it like 立つ), it is intransitive. When it does not really follow that, it can be pretty tricky.
By reading the example sentences and trying to use them a couple of times, it usually does become pretty natural though.


When it sags, it’s going down.


happens to me too, so around level 14 i ended up resetting whatever level i’m working on after getting all the vocab from it to guru, for that reason, so i do every level twice now… i’m moving a lot slower but remembering a lot more! also if you want extra review, there are good third party apps that users have made that correlate with WK reviews. i like kamesame but i haven’t tried all of them yet just due to lack of time



So, did you like it down there?


I have forgotten how verily funny @Vanilla-先輩 is!


Here’s my 上がる/上げる exercise plan for shedding kilos and learning at the same time:

  1. Say 上がる
  2. Stand up.
  3. Say 上げる
  4. Raise your right hand.
  5. Say 下がる
  6. Sit down.
  7. Say 下げる
  8. Lower your right hand.
    Repeat this a few times and it should stick. Feeling silly while doing it will also help it stick. As will saying it in a sing-song voice. Preferably to the tune of Yakko’s World.

Repeat once a day for 2 weeks. :wink:


Thanks. I have been trying to use those general rules from the curedolly vid and they have been helping some.

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光栄 is honour
栄光 is glory

Maybe it’ll help you if you associate 光栄 with the kunyomi for 光 which begins with H, much like honour!

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Yes! This is happening to me too. Sometimes I get a vocabulary word from a few levels and I swear I’ve never seen it before that I’ve just blanked on. The SRS helps me identify my “problem” kanji, and then I put extra effort into studying them. Sometimes I need to come up with a different mnemonic to help me remember it.

Another thing I’ve found is that if I was tired or checked out when I learned the kanji, it doesn’t “stick” as well in my brain. Lesson learned…

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Thank you so much that will be helpful.

I generally remember the ke vs ga thing it is just the up and down that I just need to drill into my brain as sa vs a.

I used SAD at the time I learned those words (when you’re sad you keep your head down), yours way is better, but, TBH, is my first time seeing the word Sags. Another day in WK another english word learnt. Thx! Haha

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Just need to add 上る and sprint up the stairs! Then you can 下りる back down.

Spot the difference :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: