Is it just me, or is Wanikani suggesting that 楽 means cocaine

Comfort, ease, pleasure

White, Ice, Tree

Imagine yourself picking the white ice flowers off the tree. Then, put it in your mouth. Make it taste comforting… It puts you at ease. Then, swallow it. Feel your head go nuts with comfort. This is the greatest drug in the world when it comes to comfort. So much pleasure!

That’s cocaine. By the way, Snowblind by Black Sabbath is amazing, in a slightly disturbing kind of way.


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I would tell you about the FAQ and the Guide, but I’m sure you know about them.

I suppose if it helps you remember the actual meaning, whatever floats your boat. The “white ice flowers” come from the actual radicals: there isn’t that much they can do on that besides change the names of the radicals, but why do that?

We don’t need the Content Overhaul of 2020 just for that. (We had one in Dec. 2018 if you didn’t know.)


That’s your personal interpretation. Even though there might be a number of people around that share the same interpretation.

For me 楽 goes towards music and fun, together with 楽器 and お楽しみください, because I do not see “ice” and “white” there - but a huge taiko drum placed on a wooden stand.

Whatever works to remember it :slight_smile:


I don’t know if the words “ease” and “comfort” go together with “cocaine”. It’s definitely not something I’d associate with ease, at least… it’s kind of the opposite, right?

Anyway, I never thought this way about this mnemonic, but I guess I probably won’t ever forget it now.

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Oh, I didn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it. Just wanted to discuss the mnemonic.

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