Is it fine to use the word Joshi to refer to a 20 year old?

No not arguing
would most readers assume under 20 though?
and does joshi mean they resemble a teen then?

It’s a manga so I think most readers would just look at the pictures


I mean, I just said in my comment that I get called joshi sometimes and I’m almost 30… I cannot tell you what other people would assume.

This is a site aimed at non-Japanese people who are learning Japanese. Even if there are those who live here (which I do live in Japan) we cannot tell you what other Japanese people think as a society.

Is there not even a picture of that girl in the manga? If you have the manga, why are we supposed to guess the age of a character we don’t know? What does she look like? Does she look like a teen to you?


Alright so to be clear so no one gets the wrong idea. I ask because I do have OCD/anxiety overthink and tbh I find the character attractive (no not like waifuism or whatever like i’m actually dating them) just a simple thing not that deep but I understand otaku or creepy stuff is part of anime and cultures so i ask to ensure they are a young adult due to a fear of being associated or part of that weird stuff

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Okay, I understand now. I do have to be honest though, if you want a concrete answer, you will have to look at the manga wikipedia to know the character’s real age according to the author. We cannot assure you of the age because we don’t know, nor does one line from an old man character in a manga indicate her actual age. You will have to look at the fairy tale wikipedia and find that character’s age.

If it’s not written down, then I would say it’s okay to think the character is attractive. Manga is drawn to have attractive characters. It’s also a character as well. If there is such an ambiguity over how they look I’m assuming that the character doesn’t look like a child child. If it’s in the ambiguous zone, just saying, oh yeah, that character is cute! and continuing on is okay.


Yep. When I was 15 folks that were 30 were old men and ladies. These days folks that are 30 are young men and ladies.