Is worth it?

I’m desperate to get away from anki. I tried the free trial of Iknow and I think I like it based off what I have seen, but I still want to know other people’s experiences before I commit and buy it. I need something to replace anki for my core #k decks. Is Iknow worth it for that purpose?

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You might want to check


I really like iKnow, but the interface for doing anything outside of their pre-made decks I have always found cumbersome and clunky. And when I’ve found bugs, my e-mails e-mails to support never garnered even an acknowledgement that my e-mail was received.

If I wasn’t grandfathered in on a lifetime plan, I’d have stopped using it by now and would instead stick with Anki.


My experience with iKnow is that their methodology has upsides and downsides, but that their customer service is awful. I used their service for well over a year, and while I do think I learned some at the time, I’m not sure how well I retained that knowledge. But for me, the dealbreaker is that they don’t seem to care about their customers.

I haven’t used the Core 10k deck on Kitsun, but I do use it for a personal deck, and I’m happy with the experience overall. “Customer service” is @'ing the creator/developer on his Discord server, where he tends to respond quickly, and is generally open to feedback and suggestions.