Is calling someone 立派 rude?

A friend of mine told me that 立派 does mean “splendid” or “high class” but calling someone “立派な” is akin to calling them “snob”. I cannot find anything on the web so probably this is not true in a general sense?
Would anyone know about this?
And, along the same vein, would anyone know of a site to look up seemingly inconspicuous words and slang that could be offensive or mean something else when used in certain contexts?
Thank you!

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Sometimes directly applying positive adjectives to people can sound a bit sarcastic or empty I guess (depending on the word). I have heard things like 立派な[profession]になりたい but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything like ○○さんは立派ですね or anything like that. Might sound weird. I’m not sure if there’s a site that lists things like this, though looking in monolingual dictionaries might help if you’re at the level where you can read the definitions.


Awesome! Thank you!

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