Is Anybody Starting Or Continuing Marugoto A1?

I Wanted To Know If Anybody Is Starting the Marugoto series .
And Would Also Like To Ask Some Questions About It .
I Also Want To Be Able to See The How They Study The Marugoto Series .

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I am studying japanese with the marugoto series (currently finishing A2.2), and I can´t recommend it enough! I luckily got the german grammar explanations for the marugoto series, otherwise it´s hard to understand the grammar with only the book´s explanation. Maybe something like this is also available in your mother tongue?


I am Able To Understand The Rikai Series But Not The Katsudoo.
So Do You Know Anyway I can Get The Explanation Guide ?

You can find a lot of helping content on the Marugoto plus website. There are extra videos and also grammar explanation in english.

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I did the Marugoto Online Self Study courses for A2, and while I find the exercises amazing, the grammar explanations were extremely lacking. Ended up reading the explanations on Wasabi or finding other references as well. (A lot of people here recommend Tae Kim I think.)

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Thanks For The Help

Thanks I will Check It Out