Is 80/20 Japanese worth it?

You asked about this once before, here’s what @rfindley had to say about it then regarding what it covers: Japanese Syntax - #11 by rfindley

I can’t compare to other grammar resources, I haven’t done Japanese From Zero and couldn’t really get into Genki whenever I tried, which is why the comments linked above convinced me to give this a shot. I’ve read through most of the book but not done in depth study yet. There are exercises. Here’s a quick example just from near the very beginning.



The instructions are followed by the sentence to create in this instance, as well as a grid containing the main words you’ll need in case you don’t already know the vocabulary. The start out super simple (‘This is a pen.’) but get more complex through the course of the exercise for that chapter. Answers are provided in the book, so no need for a separate volume. There are a lot of paragraphs of text, but I found it to be written well and easy to understand. Sorry I can’t compare on coverage, but I hope that helps a little! If you want to see a few other examples of stuff from the book just let me know and I’ll see what I can provide.