Is 115 minute wait time normal after a reset to lv1?

I just reset to level 1 after a year of inactivity. Just completed the first radical lessons, and now my wait time for reviews is… 115 minutes?!

Maybe I’m stupid and this is actually normal for the beginning. But I fear that this is due to me resetting.

I’ve checked the FAQ but it doesn’t mention any specific amount of time.

Sorry, maybe this has been asked already but if so I can’t find it ;_;

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For most levels, the first review (after completing the lesson quiz) is after 4 hours (then 8, then I don’t remember after that)

The first level (first 2? 3?) is sped up with review times cut in half, so your first review is after 2 hours. So, yes, a 115-minute wait after doing lessons is expected




@enbyboiwonder @x90PT

thanks for your answers, I didn’t see that in the FAQ. that’s all I needed to know I guess :slight_smile: