Is 領 a counter?

Hi ,

The kanji 領 does not appear in the extensive Excel file from Tofugu with +300 counters.

But Jisho 領 #kanji - gives : “counter for suits of clothing, sets of armor, etc.

So my questions :

  • would anyone know with certainty if it is or not a counter ? or explain any subtilty if it’s not a black / white answer…
  • can anyone give an example of 領 used as a counter ?
  • apart from Jisho, where could I get more info ?

Many thanks in advance !

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A monolingual dictionary

For the 二(接尾) definition

So yes, it exists as a counter of armor, for instance.

Here’s a page covering ways to count armor, which gives two other options as well.

I wouldn’t stress about counters that much. If you ever have to count suits of armor, no one will wonder why you don’t know the “official” way. There are far more ways of counting things than you’d actually ever expect to encounter.

The same site does not give 領 as an option for regular suits.


Props for the nice pun here :rofl:


To add to the above post, even on Jisho you can see that it’s marked as being an archaism. I doubt you’d see it being used too often with this meaning :slight_smile: 両 also has this archaic meaning and can probably be used interchangeably with 領.

edit - lots of words and kanji can have multiple meanings associated with them ( 掛ける says hi ). It’s probably better to just learn through context as you go, especially with archaisms


Thanks everyone for answering so quickly. This forum is incredible :slight_smile:

I actually didn’t look at the right place.
Indeed it is marked as “archaism” on this page for the “word” : Japanese Dictionary
=> counter for suits of clothing, sets of armor, etc.​Archaism,

While on the initial page for the “kanji” itself, the fact that it is an “archaism” was not mentioned.

Morale of the story : on Jisho, look at the “word” page and not the “kanji” page to check if archaism.

Fantastic ! Because I don’t want to waste time on archaism, there’s already more than enough to learn :slight_smile:


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