Is 大作 only for written stuff?

The reading and description of 大作 (epic, epic saga, masterpiece) in WK seems to imply that this is primarily used for written works. My question is if this can also be used for other masterpieces like music, a painting or a tie (see what I did there :stuck_out_tongue: )

Did you take a look at the example sentences? They often help to figure out the range of a word.

This movie is a Hitchcock epic.

The title of the most epic film this century is said to be, “A Life of Fugu.”

Every score that Beethoven wrote was a masterpiece.


大作 is a kind of 作品 which can be any work of art.


What @Arzar33 said :+1:

Even if you can’t read the Japanese yet, the English translations can help.

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In fact I did not. Usually I do but apparently I forgot in this case :smiley:

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