Is 中古屋 a word? If not, how do you say "thrift store" in Japanese?

Never learned the word 中古 back when I was studying Japanese at school, but it’s one of the first few WK words and it got me wondering if 中古屋 is a word in Japanese? When I googled it it seems to come up with like secondhand computer stores but jisho doesn’t recognize it as a word so I can’t figure out if it’s a word or not.

If it isn’t: what are thrift stores called in Japanese? Jisho says 古着屋 but that’s just for clothes, so is there not a general “thrift store” term in Japanese? Like in the U.S. we have Goodwill and while that does have clothes it also has home goods and various other items. I’m also thinking places like Book Off in Japan which iirc sell a variety of used items.


Well, to run off your example, Wikipedia calls Book Off a “中古本・中古家電販売のチェーン” - the word 中古本 is linked to the article 古書店, so it kinda seems like there might be specific words for some second-hand shops, but possibly not a general one.

There’s a Japanese version of the Goodwill article, though it doesn’t seem to explicitly identify the stores with a specific category, though it does mention that they sell 中古品. There’s no Japanese version of the “Thrift store” article.


Lots of secondhand related vocabulary here:

Apparently the term is リサイクルショップ?


Searching for that on Wikipedia redirects me to 古物商, so that’d be the high-falutin’ on’yomi name for it, I guess.


Thank you both @Belthazar and @omk3 for the responses! Seems like there’s a lot of different ways to say it (which I didn’t expect but really should have lol)


Can confirm that the term Japanese people use is "リサイクルショップ” You can also use "ブックオフ” because by far the largest chain of thrift stores in Japan is “Book-Off” (and it’s associated chains, hobby off, home off, etc.) As a side note, Book Off is by far my favorite place to buy books in Japan and I bought over 30 new books there last week.

I lived in Japan for a few years, speak fluently and am married to a Japanese person so that will have to be my credentials since I’m still level 1 on here.


Another popular resale/thrift store is Second Street! My small town doesn’t have book off, but it and nearby towns all have their own Second Streets. The sign is usually written in English.


Second Street and Book Off are both great! I wish Second Street’s shipping for larger items wasn’t so painful, though >.<

also don’t ask me how much manga I’ve bought from Book Off okay


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