Is 下 (した) a noun?

The Wanikani page says: “Part of Speech Noun” But the Context Sentences are


What’s under the desk?


I live on the floor below the Tofugu office.

I’m just starting with japanese grammar, but that sounds like a preposition to me.

Thankful for any help, before I learn it wrong.

From what I gather, it’s a noun, but is translated as a preoposition in English. It’s more like “Desk’s Underneath.”

It seems a lot of concepts are different parts of speech in English and Japanese. It appears like is usually used as a noun in Japanese and a verb in English, for example.


Thank you.

On the subject of 好き, I was watching Frozen in Japanese the other day and heard 彼は私を好き? And was pretty surprised that it could take the particle を. But indeed, it can.

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