[iOS/Android/Windows] Jakeipuu

Hi @bqmoreland, I tried resubmitting the app to App Store again after 7 months and somehow it got approved. Thank your for your advise!


@Pakkapao heyoohhh!! Nice! Yeah, sometimes the App Store is totally arbitrary with those decisions. At my company we’ve been rejected, submitted the exact same binary, any gotten approved. But you definitely don’t violate 3.1.1.

Glad to hear you got approved though! I love your app.

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Yay, an update!! Absolutely love this app.

Quick question - will there be an update of a ‘shake’ screen when you input the on’yomi instead of the kun’yomi, as it currently only does it the other way round and I know wanikani have updated it to do both ways?

That would be so appreciated!!


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I think it is already implemented.



Oh weird, it’s not doing that for me. I’ll try uninstall and reinstall.