[iOS/Android/Windows] Jakeipuu

Wait, I’m still missing something.

Today I completely forgot a meaning (引き分け)

So I entered a random thing; pulled up from the middle; re-studied the card; and then entered the right answer. But the app still advanced my level on that card and counted it as correct.

I had the impression it was doing that, but today I paid attention and it really does. It never flags a card as wrong!

You only get that marked as wrong if you actually press the arrow to the right in the screenshot below. If you press the redo button on the left, it will let you correct your answer and to submit it without getting the initial answer marked as wrong (handy for fixing typos, but can obviously be abused to correct wrong answers):

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Wow. I would have never seen that button unless you pointed it out, let alone understand that it’s the “I don’t know” button. Thank you.

I guess as I get older, fewer and fewer pieces of UI make sense at first sight as they used to. Oh well, しようがない。


No prob, glad to help! It’s definitely not something that would be immediately obvious.

It’s not an “I don’t know button.”

It’s a “I made a typo and I know the answer button and I want to retype it button.”

If you don’t know the answer, guess. I developer refused to put in an “I don’t know button.”

“I made a typo and I know the answer button and I want to retype it button.”

That would be the ↺ button.

I’m talking about the → button, which clearly means “It was not a typo. I really didn’t know and I need to relearn it” as monochromePLUSH explained.

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Great app! Thanks!

Great app for iOS. I was looking for a flaming Durtles equivalent on ipad, so thank you!

Feature request and thoughts:

  • to allow access to the settings and browsing the kanji whilst in a review. Currently you have to finish the session before you can do anything else.

  • auto keyboard swap if at all possible on iOS

  • bigger/adjustable font size for reviews as well as on the info slide-up. It’s a little too small for iPad.

  • kanji, vocabulary, radical reading/meaning banner should be coloured. To me at least, this is more important than the SRS colour or the colour of the input box

  • English/kana inputs would be great if rejected for when the wrong input language is used

  • some kind of confirmation animation on a correct answer, maybe a little green tick. With auto-correct-next on, it feels like an answer is rejected rather than confirmed and correct. Or could just use that green bar or every correct answer.

Currently it requires a bit too much cognitive effort required to swap between input types and effortlessly understanding which answer it’s asking for. Flaming Durtles is excellent in this regard, it’s great for reactive input. Maybe takes some more getting use to, but I may still favour reaching for my android phone at the moment. But will be keeping this app certainly.

Fantastic app. The Android version has a nice clean layout and is highly discoverable. I didn’t have a single problem until a couple days ago when I noticed 3 items are now stuck in review. Even after answering them correctly they aren’t removed. It’s pretty annoying to see the the same 3 items appear repeatedly every time I try and clear my reviews. I tried reinstalling the app but no luck :frowning: .

Another issue is that sign-in button doesn’t seem to do anything when I hit it. There’s no message or indication so it’s unclear if the button is even doing anything. I always have to take the option to provide the API token - which I actually like better since it doesn’t require me to give out a password lol.

Thank you for the great app.

I think I may have found a bug.

I was doing my reviews, and I was being careful about the following two words, because I tend to mistake them:

写る to be photographed
写す to photograph

But then, at some point I did mistake them. I entered “to be photographed” for 写す (which is wrong) and Jakeipuu marked it correct!!!

How come? It’s a bug right?

I checked the allow list and block list for these two terms. It is empty. If the app implements typo tolerance like Wanikani does the error is bound to happen. @Mods is this something that should go to the block list? i mean regardless whether this is a bug in the app. The transitive/intransitive pair shouldn’t be confused with typo tolerance, right?

Yes, that’s what I was thinking. I don’t know if the typo tolerance is performed by the app or by the server.

In either case, important words such as “be” should not be ignored: either removing or adding such a word changes the meaning.

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A suggestion to @Mods : maybe do a systematic review of all the transitive/intransitive pairs on WK and make sure this basic error is in the block list. There is no need to wait for a user complain to fix this.

By the way, I keep finding mistakes that Jakeipuu (or Wanikani?) doesn’t catch.

Latest one was 名所. I had been entering “place name” for a while and only today checked the card out of curiosity and saw that it was actually “famous place”!

How does “place name” get accepted as a spelling mistake for “famous place”?

Is it Jakeipuu’s fault or Wanikani’s?

Can I disable the typo tolerance altogether?

Especially since I’m using an app with an undo button.

Sorry, there’s no option for this.

I just checked to see what we have on our allow or block list for this word and we don’t have anything at the moment, which means that you’re getting ‘place name’ right because it’s got enough correct letters to ‘famous place’. The order doesn’t matter for the typo tolerance.

We’ll take a look and see what can be done.

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Wait, the order does not matter? So I can type in anagrams???

The country side = No city dust here

Dormitory = Dirty room

Astronomers = No more stars

This makes no sense. Please implement a proper word distance algorithm (you can find them on Wikipedia) or give me an option to turn the anagram function off altogether.

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Sorry, I made a mistake explaining the part about the order.

What I meant was that our current algorithm doesn’t care where the typos happen, but does take transpositions when it counts the number of errors.

They are using levenshtein distance already

Ok, then I guess it’s just too forgiving.

I wish I could turn it off or set it to max 1 typo.

I have really been enjoying this app on iOS, thank you!
I hope you will be able to reach an agreement with Apple at some point.
Currently, there are three reviews that I just can’t get rid of, no matter how many times I get them right. Maybe something to with me unlocking them years ago but Wanikani moving them to levels I have not unlocked yet?