[iOS/Android/Windows] Jakeipuu

I think it is already implemented.



Oh weird, it’s not doing that for me. I’ll try uninstall and reinstall.

I think the difference is kanji v. vocab. WK and Jakeipuu used to do this for kanji. I’d guess it’s not yet implemented here for vocab…


Hi! For New Lessons on iPhone 12 mini - I cannot go passed the ‘Breakdown’, ‘Meaning’ and ‘Reading’ to actually start the lesson. There’s no option but to go back Home and cancel the new learning session :frowning: Bug ?

Not sure if this is the best place to reply but their seems to be a possible bug that might be a little worrisome?

@Pakkapao Since we have this app available in Windows too, is there a way you could implement notifications on Windows 10!? The option is grayed out, which I’m guessing it means is not implemented yet right?

Getting notifications on Windows would be a huge thing! :astonished:

Hi! I’ve been using the app for about two weeks now. It’s really convenient to do reviews and study a couple of lessons in a short breaks during the day.

However, I just noticed an issue :hot_face:
In the last review I got among others:
広がる (hirogaru) - I replied “to spread”
年次 (nenji) - which I translated as “next year”

After the review I went to double check their meanings and
広がる - has meanings “to spread out, to extend, to stretch”
年次- has “annual, yearly”

Why my answers were accepted then? Now I am concerned whether I actually memorized correct translations for other vocab, or whether my mistakes went unnoticed :frowning:

PS. I’m using Android app

Great app, love it. It became my main way to do WK However, today I’ve ran into a major issue for the second time - the app won’t get past the initial loading screen.

This has happened once before. Clearing app data doesn’t help. Generating new token for the app doesn’t help. It’s just stuck on the loading screen, seemingly indefinitely. Last time it happened, it was like this for at least a week, before i finally loaded and since then it started to work again.

Yesterday it happened again, I opened the app and was logged out. I entered the API token and got stuck on the loading screen. Reset app, entered new token, still stuck.

I’m on Android.

EDIT: 3 weeks later, the app started working again.


Same problem here. Hopefully, this gets fixed, as I’m about to add Jakeipuu to my guide :3

Dear developer, please, add an option to Turn off the mistake tolerance. :pray:
Without it it’s impossible to learn transitivity pairs using this app. It just accepts everything.

I do not want to switch back to the desktop version, but I’ll have to, if the quality of my learning is compromised like that :frowning:


What platform are you on? There’s probably another app that has an exact match feature…

(Note that WaniKani itself has a “mistake tolerance,” but it does have a block list of words that you cannot type in exactly and still get credit.)

is there any way you could add a setting for katakana for onyomi readings? i feel like this is the only thing missing from the app, besides that, it is perfect!


I had similar issues happen on the Android version of the app. For example it accepted “children” as the answer for the kanji 幼, while it only had “infancy” and “childhood” as meanings. I’d say the meanings are different enough that my answer should be rejected, and if I’d had to guess Wanikani would reject it. For reference the app Flaming Durtles rejected it.

A solution would be the option to undo or reject an answer manually even if my answer is accepted, but that’s only half solution, because I have to be unsure about my answer to check it…

the app is great except for the fact that once i’ve completed reviews, there is no progress. like, it just says 0 correct, 0 incorrect even though i’be already done like 50 reviews. it’s really frustrating because this app is perfect for wanikani on my phone.

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Dear @Pakkapao,
thank you for writing Jakeipuu, it’s a really great app.

I probably would have dropped WK if not for this app: it’s that good. But there are a couple issues that myself and others would like to get fixed.

Have you considered releasing the app as open source on Github?

If you did that, me and others would gladly fix a few issues, including:

  • Options to disable or tune the typo tolerance, as many people have requested
  • Better handling of default settings for reviews
  • Faster startup by optimizing the API access
  • Linux and MacOS desktop versions of the app
  • Removing the window size limitation from the desktop version

and so on…

I understand if you don’t have time to work on it anymore, especially for free. But me and other WK users who can code would love to pick it up where you left it.


Or, you know, not GitHub if you can avoid it :wink:

As someone who desperately wants to help with this app as well, I second this.

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Good to know cos I just ran into that my first time today.
I prefer this app to the Tsurukame app since this has much more visibility and filtering.

I guess I’ll stick to Tsurukame till it decides to load itself.

+1 !
That would be amazing!
Especially, the option to disable typos tolerance.

I have no experience with apps but can contribute with NLP, add more features to Reading suggestions page, add confusion matrix for the user’s most commonly confused kanji, etc.

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I’ve just had this start happening to me. The app always shows me as 2 reviews, and when I complete them it just says 0% correct 0 items reviewed. And now the Jakeipuu’s count of my lessons and reviews doesn’t match up with the Wanikani website.