[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

I think it may be against the spirit (if not the letter) of API use to accept money, but I feel the same way. :slight_smile:


Anyone else noticed the upgrade in Tsurukame? Even more awesome than before!


I signed up to wk years ago but only just started studying. I’ve “hidden” my progress to complete level one on the wk stats page but Tsurukame still uses the long gap in my sign up date vs actual study start date for its “time remaining” calculation. Is there a way to fix this?

Since the new update the number of reviews I have do not seem to update. I just did my morning reviews (22). I completed those, but still says that I have 22 reviews left. However when I tap on it, it just takes me to a blank page. I’m using an iPhone 13, IOS 17.5.1.

Edit to add: tried the full refresh, it was the same. The only thing that works if I log in and out.

Thanks for the new update and the continued app support!

Same issue for me. I also get a crash that when going in to options → review.

I found the crash when I was trying to find a way to hide the katakana practice. In my opinion it shouldn’t be a permanent tab since it’s something that is really only useful in the very beginning of learning Japanese. To have it persist all the way through level 60 seems unnecessary.

Anyway, thanks for continuing to work on and improve the app, I love it and it really helps make my studying very accessible. Keep up the awesome work!

Sorry about the issues with the recent TestFlight beta update. I’ve been experimenting with adding some new Practice options that are separate from the main WaniKani integration, so I wanted to put them in a separate tab. That meant refactoring a bunch of code, and some bits got forgotten in the process.

I think I’ve fixed the number update bug as well as the settings crash now - there should be a new build on TestFlight in a few minutes.

In the future if there are any bugs that are preventing you from doing your reviews, you can freely switch between the stable App Store version and the TestFlight beta at any time - all your settings and progress will be saved as long as you don’t uninstall the app.

Having said that, I really do appreciate the beta feedback! I wanted to add a katakana practice mode because that’s what I struggled with the most when learning Japanese, and still do now. I’m open to suggestions for any other useful practice modes!


Man, I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for your continued work on this app. It is an absolute game changer …and as soon as I saw lesson picker I got excited! Haha. I thought there was no development happening but THANK YOU for keeping it fresh! I just wanted to throw it out into the ether, that if there is anyyy way to mirror the pitch accent user script inside of Tsurukame I would never use the website again! They recently updated it so as you do reviews the pitch pops up for words. I think they pull all of the pitch info from a third party website or something. I don’t know. If it never happens, I’m still just so happy Tsurukame exists. Thank you!


Just to second this and thank you for the most recent updates. I love it!

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Love the new katakana tab! I still struggle with katakana a bit and your app is one of my favourite learning tools so having a way to practice them in here is awesome. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

When you get the chance can you please add a recent mistakes burn item section please?

Omg!! An update!! (Not sure how long it‘s been out but for me it updated between yesterday and now.)

Love the lesson picker – love that I can now see exactly what items are where – love the review sections! Great job, thank you so much.

Edit: ah I see people already posted about it a few days ago. Oops. Anyway, please take my appreciation.


Suddenly my app looked different, so I was surprised. But the lesson picker is quite nice. I think the side bar that’s on the left during reviews is becoming quite cluttered though, with the now 12 menu items.


Just want to express my gratitude for your App. The recent update is awesome and I love it!


Loving the update. The new Lesson Picker is such a huge deal. Thank you so much!

Can I request we go one step further? Wanikani’s major drawback is the inability to skip super basic vocab, resulting in a massive SRS review load that is unrealistic, especially if one is not a beginner and does not need to type out months and counters, etc. Can we add an option in the picker to permanently hide items with a swipe or something fast like that? I’ve been prioritizing vocab that I either don’t know or feel a little shaky about, but I have a scary-looking number in the lesson backlog as a result. I’d like to not have to scroll through the items that I do not intend to waste review time on going forward.


If it was possible there would have been a script for that even before wanikani launched the lesson picker, I imagine…

I want to report that the kanji mnemonic for 休暇 is messed up in the app. Instead of

" The rest you do in your spare time is your vacation. It is your holiday. … "

it says

"The /kanji you do in your spare time is your vacation. It is your holiday. … "

This could be done in Tsurukame without touching WK at all. It’s just managing the lesson display.

:rofl: of course it is.

Work is work though, I am using it every day and it’s getting updated, I would be happy to show my gratitude.


Odd bug - I get notification badges on my ipad, but not on my iphone. Notification settings are identical between devices. Badging works on both devices, but I never get banners on the iPhone.