[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

I pushed a fix that solves the crash. Let’s hope it gets quickly integrated into Tsurukame!

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I suppose it might be because する is a verb of the class suruverb within Tsurukame. These items are specially handled when rendering the example/context sentences. Checking the code with this flag shows up quite a few locations where stuff might go wrong…

Somebody already made an Issue on Github, so if we are lucky davidsansome sees it and fixes it.
App freezes when doing lesson for する, a new kana-only · Issue #636 · davidsansome/tsurukame · GitHub
If not, well, maybe someone with experience in Swift can check where the error occurs and push it to Github.

Workaround #1 for now (until fixed):

  • Install TestFlight beta from a few posts earlier
  • Deactivate Kana Verbs in the settings

Workaround #2 for now (until fixed): Use website


Commenting so people can see the latest status here:
David(developer) has said in the github bug thread:
“I’ll leave this bug open until the fix rolls out so people can find it.
The new release is waiting for App Store review now.”


Another situation update: Apple rejected the update. davidsansome is currently doing all he can to request a re-review by Apple. But that might still take some time.


I hope y’all can get it back online soon! I’ve never actually tried it but I’m exclusively using my iPad now (definitely a love-hate relationship) and I’ve been wanting to try it out.

I think it’s online as we speak


The release 1.28 was approved and has been on the App Store for a few weeks (see the update in the link above)

i’ve found that the “Time remaining” prediction is sometimes off:

if you guru a kanji, and then fail it later, so that it drops back to apprentice, Tsurukame treats it as if it had never been gurud. that can lead to the prediction thinking you still need to guru more kanji than you actually need to, and thus predict a wrong (more distant) time.

(note: i rarely use Tsurukame for lessons/reviews, but i really like way it presents where you are in your level progress, so i consult it regularly for that).


@Mrs_Diss It should be fixed in the latest TestFlight build


thank you ^^

i’ll wait for it to be pushed to the official release (i looked at getting the TestFlight, but it was a bit too involved for me), but i’m glad to see things fixed so nicely.

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It’s really not difficult to get if you want to. You just install TestFlight from the App Store, then click on this link once you installed it.

a small update, i’ve installed violentmonkey as a test, and at least so far the Stimulus problem isn’t appearing. on the other hand, some minor scripts aren’t working. i hope this is the end of this issue, at least for now.

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Not sure if this is necessarily a Tsurukame issue or one with the API upstream, but I’m seeing a repeating crash to home screen on both iPhone/iPad that I think is related to the “saw” radical? Was able to whittle my reviews down to one, and that particular review seemed to give the app trouble.

Hadn’t seen this issue prior to yesterday on any platform and I was able to complete the review on web, but will be happy to help if I can reproduce further.

Appreciate you guys! :heart:

Edit: Should’ve checked the Github issues first!

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@UInt2048 I was able to export it from my iPhone, but after a cursory glance in a DB client I couldn’t find anything logging out the errors from yesterday. No problems with sending it over to you if you want to take a look. iPad app is quitting when I try to export :frowning:

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Mine has been crashing since last night as soon as try to open “reviews”

I realized I could test this myself by resurrecting the radical.

Consequently, I have proposed a hotfix:

Edit: The proper fix has been merged and will hopefully be available soon (commit 981 or later)

I found some kind of workaround.

  • Went on the Wanikani website and did my lessons online.
  • Once the radical saw was done, i stopped my reviews
  • Open the app on my iPhone and iPad and all was working pretty well

Now i know that next time the radical will be in my reviews i will have to go online. So not a proper fix.

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@kai0 @aornston @PrestoMailles

The fix is available on TestFlight (build 981 or higher) if you don’t want to wait for the App Store release to go through

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I’m encountering a display bug (iPad OS 16.6.1)

When doing reviews, if I miss an item and click to see the item info, it often truncates the entries for the meaning and/or reading explanations. If I have passed the item and click to see the item info, it displays correctly.

Seems to be a known issue but iPadOS 16.6.1 is surprising