[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

I pushed a fix that solves the crash. Let’s hope it gets quickly integrated into Tsurukame!

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I suppose it might be because する is a verb of the class suruverb within Tsurukame. These items are specially handled when rendering the example/context sentences. Checking the code with this flag shows up quite a few locations where stuff might go wrong…

Somebody already made an Issue on Github, so if we are lucky davidsansome sees it and fixes it.
App freezes when doing lesson for する, a new kana-only · Issue #636 · davidsansome/tsurukame · GitHub
If not, well, maybe someone with experience in Swift can check where the error occurs and push it to Github.

Workaround #1 for now (until fixed):

  • Install TestFlight beta from a few posts earlier
  • Deactivate Kana Verbs in the settings

Workaround #2 for now (until fixed): Use website


Commenting so people can see the latest status here:
David(developer) has said in the github bug thread:
“I’ll leave this bug open until the fix rolls out so people can find it.
The new release is waiting for App Store review now.”


Another situation update: Apple rejected the update. davidsansome is currently doing all he can to request a re-review by Apple. But that might still take some time.