[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

TestFlight builds are (let’s say) beta versions of the app that introduce changes before they are published to the App Store. Essentially, since they don’t go through the usual security check by Apple, developers can make changes to the App and test it on a small user base much quicker. From my experience, the Tsurukame TestFlight build is usually 1-2 updates ahead of the App Store version.

You can get it below:

:warning: WARNING: Don’t install TestFlight builds carelessly. A malicious developer could do all kinds of stuff, so you should only install TestFlight builds if you trust the developer. In a general sense, also be advised that TestFlight builds are more likely to have bugs.

Anki mode is bugged. If you go through your reviews too quickly, then your items don’t get synced.
See here.

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I bet it’s this, I always rush through the reviews.
I will download the beta tsurukame asap! Thanks for the suggestions :smile:

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Have the same problem. Did you ever get the bug back?

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Try the TestFlight version linked above

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If you’re talking about the persistent crashes when trying to open it, I had to uninstall and get the app back but after doing so it didn’t happen again (yet, it happened just yesterday).

The beta app seem to work wonderfully except that now I cannot use the enter key and the directional keys on my iPad keyboard anymore to proceed through reviews, and it was very comfortable.


Wowwww I’ve been searching this thread for anything similar to this and I’m so glad I stumbled across this comment.

I use Anki mode and thought that due to recent updates to the Wanikani main site that I was having issues with Tsurukame, but this is a relief to read!


Has anyone been able to fix the issue with the gravatar profile pic not loading into the app? I changed my gravatar and deleted the old picture from it’s database, but while it works on the main site, tsurukame won’t update. I’ve tried logging in and out of the app but it doesn’t work. Any known fix?

Pursuant to WaniKani’s recent changes, you are logging in with your email address, not your username, correct?

P.S. Try installing the TestFlight beta and/or a full delete and reinstall

I’m running into the same issue as well (or similar, my avatar is showing the default image as if the Gravatar hash didn’t exist) despite re-installing the TestFlight Build and restarting iPhone (E: and logging in with an email address); will be opening a GitHub issue in a bit.

E: GitHub Issue

@Faith_Eve @BachMac Is your Gravatar email address the same as the address you log in to WK with?

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Yup, and I used Gravatar’s Email Checker to verify my email’s Gravatar was working properly (and rule out Gravatar Rating / network issues) before opening an issue.

The code for trimming/hashing the email for a Gravatar URL looks fine, but I wonder if this had to do with changing to email login in the app, vs. fetching the email via WaniKani’s website.

@Faith_Eve Out of curiosity, does your WaniKani email have any special or non-Latin-alphabet characters in it? Mine has a dot (.) before the @ sign, which could be affecting something.

Hello, with the new batch of Kana Vocab that got released today, my Tsurukame app had a bug where it would always freeze when I got to “する” in the lessons and when I tried to go to the lesson review after the batch. I’m already on the latest version of the app.


I just came here to post the same issue. I get to the 3rd term in the batch (in my case これ) and the app freezes. I’ve restarted the app, and my iPad, neither fixes the issue.


Mine has a dot too, hmm. And yeah gravatar is definitely fine, it’s just Tsurukame that doesn’t work. I wonder if deleting my Tsurukame data and relinking it would do the trick, but I don’t really want to do that.

I’ve also been having the freezing problem about when I get to する for the new stuff. I seemed to get around it by doing those 5 reviews on the website and then continuing on the app afterwards.

Update: I did the batch of lessons with the new kana only terms on the website, and now tsurukame isn’t freezing anymore.

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Doing the する lesson on the website enabled me to proceed yesterday, but the app freezes again when する comes around in the reviews.

I too am having weird freezing problems on Tsurukame. I deleted and reinstalled the app and it’s still happening. MAJOR SAD FACE :frowning: ummmm…. Do I just work from Wanikani on the browser until this is fixed? I’m sad, I use TK literally all day long.

[update] …omg the ui on the web is radically different from when I last looked a million years ago! Nice, WK!


I’m getting する in the reviews and it’s also freezing the app as well.


I think it’s because there is a new section in the lessons for these words. It explains how the word is used in context

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