[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews


Me, this morning upon noticing this thread for the first time: OMG I’m SO EXCITED. :tada:

Me, after using the app this afternoon to do reviews in a situation where I couldn’t get on my computer: :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat: :heart_eyes_cat:

Seriously, this is THE BEST. I have a really tiny iPhone SE, and it’s nearly impossible to do reviews on the website from my phone because the font is just so small. (It gives me a headache. Yeah, yeah, I should get a bigger phone, but I don’t want to… :stuck_out_tongue:)

Plus, not only does it do the things, functionally, that I’d want it to do - I also really appreciate the small touches like the little pop-ups when an item goes to the next level (the Guru one is so nice to see!), and also the confetti when you get an answer right.

So, THANK YOU SO MUCH. You’re the best.


So… I’m having a slight issue with the app and the number of reviews. I currently have 101 reviews but the app says I have 1647 reviews…

Also it says I started WaniKani 48 years ago??


Is the date correct on your phone? Check in Settings -> General -> Date & Time, I bet the year is 2065 or something…


no… its 2018 on my phone


Oh yeah sorry for my rage yesterday. Did not have the best day besides losing a few hours in wanikani.

I got up quite early yesterday (5 am - yes my sleep cycle is really weird right now; thanks uni exams) and went grocery shopping around 8 am. I planned to be home around 9 am so that I could do wanikani. Also had to learn for my exam tomorrow. I finished shopping around 8:40 and tried to pay. All my cards got declined. So I had to leave my bag and stuff next to the counter and left to get some cash. This also did not work; my cards kept getting declined. So I called my bank and after around 10 minutes of annoying waiting music and “please wait, the next free employee is assigned to you” blah bla announcements my wanikani alarm went off. I then tried to do them while this f*** music kept distracting me and I managed to get through all the important ones even though my error rate was like 50%, and I had to keep ignoring my answers (which to me my displeasure just marks the answer as correct instead of re-adding the card). I finished, and I still didn’t get through to an employee. (keep in mind this is the 24h hotline for credit card emergencies, and in Germany, it was already 10 am due to timezones). Finally after 40 minutes of waiting time the call dropped… yeah that’s what it did. I still didn’t have money. While waiting, I had been chatting with my dad, and he got me an internal number to call - so I did, but she could not help me either besides telling me that my debit card isn’t locked only to find out that she isn’t able actually to see that?! well whatever I called the hotline again, and this time it didn’t take too long to get through. After some long on tedious offline identification, I was told that my debit card isn’t locked and that the malfunction it’s my fault, and she cannot do anything. Thanks a lot. Again my dad saved the day by getting some internal information from another bank: apparently, some server from MasterCard have technical issues and unluckily all my cards are hosted on this server even tho I am with different banks. I then somehow managed to get the cash I needed for paying. Went home and wanted to tread my after all this with the ben and jerries ice cream I bought. Sadly, it was molten…

I was completely behind with my schedule and believe me I was quite enraged about all this. I later got back to wanikani again to do some apprentice III upgrades and to my disbelief I saw kanjis in the now-to-review chart of ultimate timeline. I had around 7 minutes to the next full hour and I quickly did them, but this was too much for me. I am quite eager with wanikani, and most of my motivation is fueled by my competitiveness against the clock. So this was perfect rage material, and with all what happened this morning, I just had to express my distaste somehow.

sorry about that


I have used Tsurukame more than the WaniKani website! Thank you so much for making it!!


Same problem I have been having! This is by far my favorite WK iOS app, due to its “feel,” but the non-syncing issue ( several times) is a bummer and it’s now tucked away awaiting a response/update. Thanks! :slight_smile: @davidsansome


I just found this thread yesterday and downloaded the app. It is quite useful as I find difficult on WK website to have keyboard + kanji at the same time (damn screen !) or network is sometimes not available. I have no problem so far using it, too bad (though) that we can’t go from level to level and see the list of kanji & vocabulary like on WK (only a search field). This is an idea of improvement :slight_smile: Anyway, good job and thank you for developing it !


yeah just had it again. i guess i have to stop using it and update must have completely broken it


Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how this is handling an expiring subscription ? :thinking:
If you were to download the App and after logging in never again connected to the internet, could you keep using it forever? (Aka should i get an used iPod instead of lifetime)

No worries, there’s still 11 months left on mine… :smiley:


Hopefully, the app checks in with the server every couple of weeks to make sure you’re still subscribed, unless it previously established you were on Lifetime.


It’s now been working properly for a few days! Not sure what the problem is…


well it is not working at all for me. it never syncs.


One request: could you implement the lesson reorder script? I need it if I want to switch to 7 day-leveling, and if I don‘t have it on the phone, I need to switch to the computer.

Also, I used the review reorder to do my time-critical kanji reviews first and then hit ‘end session’ when I was done with all the kanji. In the app, it showed that I had those 10 reviews less than before and no updates were queued, but to be sure, I checked on the website and it had not gone through. The kanji were still in my review queue. Not sure if that‘s supposed to happen when you hit ‘end session’ without wrapping up. Anyway, nothing happened, I did it the old way using Allicrab without reporder, but still, I thought you should know.


Just downloaded the app, seems great.

Request: Anki mode


Common bug. sadly the author seems inactive. Wonder if he could make the app open source then other people could do that stuff. i would i just dont have any apple hardware…

actually for me the most important features are:
to fix this bug
and to replace the mark as correct with a button that just reinserts the vocab.


I’m still here! Just not super keen on replying to comments with lots of swearing directed towards my app.

Anyway, as for the bug you’re talking about, as far as I can tell it’s only you and two other people who’ve seen it. I haven’t seen it myself so it’s a bit difficult for me to fix. It might help if you could provide any useful information (maybe via a bug on GitHub), like:

  • how many times it’s happened
  • when it happened
  • which kanji it happened with
  • if you can remember what you were doing while you were reviewing that kanji - whether you had network connectivity - 2G/3G/4G/wifi/etc…
  • anything else you can think of

I’m going to have a look and see if I can find any places where the app could send a lesson update and mark it as sent in its database without receiving a confirmation from the server.
If I can’t find anything, I’ll assume it’s a bug in the WaniKani API, and I’ll try to make the app more resilient - e.g. by periodically re-syncing all the pending reviews, even ones it thinks it’s done already.

You must’ve missed the GitHub link in the original post: https://github.com/davidsansome/tsurukame/


Can’t praise this app enough. I’m so much faster at reviews now, can review while travelling, and don’t have the constant broken sync issues. Honestly, Tofugu should be paying you the money they saved by not hiring a mobile app developer, but if you have a PayPal address, I’d be happy to send you some cash.


yeah you might just forget my swearing post.

anyway the thing that currently keeps me from using the app is that i can only mark a answer as correct, but i would rather have them requeued.


I’m not sure if this hasn’t been mentioned in here yet, but I have some problems with the app because there are some inconsistencies between the website and the app. I learned 恋 on the app as “lust”, but when I answered that on the website it was marked wrong, and I found that the websites mnemonic was different than the apps.