[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

A minor bug and one that only effects people in half hour time zones (India, central Australia).

I just travelled up to the NT which is half an hour off eastern Australia time. Notifications come up on the top of the hour, local time; half an hour before the reviews unlock, WaniKani time.

I just tried this app and I must say I’m impressed. I might give 5 stars for the first time in my life.

I no longer have to sneak around my laptop to hide wanikani screen at work.

thanks Tsurukame!

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Oof… that’s a lot of queued updates! I’m having the same issue. I have 178 review progress sitting in the queued updates section. There is a post from Jan 28 in this same thread ([iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews) that says that we might have to log out and back in if the review counts don’t match the website.

@davidsansome Is there a way to save our progress?

Had the same problem. Saw this, loved it and back in aaaaand… all progress deleted entirely.

Screw this app, uninstalled, never using it again. I’ve seen it mentioned a few times as good, maybe it once was. Now it’s not. Back to AlliCrab

Calling ‘junk’ someone else’s work is just rude, especially when it was very kindly given for free. If there’s some problem do let the author know, or stop using the app if you so prefer, but don’t forget good manners.


Fair enough, however sabotaging, intentional or not, someone elses work is also “rude” as well. I’ve edited that word out.

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I understand it can be frustrating, if happened to me as well. But I’m sure it wasn’t intentional and that does make a difference IMHO. Hopefully that bug will be fixed, until then we had to review a bit more some items, which doesn’t necessarily hurt :wink:

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You’re right! I like your positivity.

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I’ve been hit by the no-sync bug too. It’s not a lot of progress, but I was coming back from a long break due to lack of motivation, so it hurts quite badly. It’s unfortunate that the developer @davidsansome hasn’t said anything about this bug, as far as I can tell.

EDIT: I was looking at the API tokens page just before biting the bullet and reinstalling Tsurukame, and I noticed under “Personal Access Tokens” there was only a “Default read-only” token, but after reinstalling the app, logging in in it and refreshing the API tokens page there’s also a Tsurukame token now. Could this issue be caused by an expiring token? Could this be solved by refreshing the token if the API returns an auth error code? (I don’t know if it does) Or maybe offering a last-resort button in settings that forces a refresh of the token?

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please do! android user here😔

It looks really nice, sad it’s not available on android :pensive:, anyway good job :grinning:!!

ps. anyone know anything I can use on my android phone that is similar?? I need to do more 漢字 study and have limited internet available during the day often.

There’s ‘WK for Android’ on the Play Store, open source and everything, but it will eventually stop working and will need a huge refactoring because it uses API v1, that will soon be deprecated. Guess you’ll have to use that while it works.

I’m still working on the app, but it’s going reaaaaaallly slow, since I’m going through college and working at the same time, so I have little free time to work on it.

Thanks @davidsansome for this great app! It is really helpful for when you have free time, but don’t have access to a computer. Love it!! :star_struck:

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Hi! Just saw that I had less reviews on Tsurukame than I actually have IRL.

Probably because the app hasn’t been updated to include the latest kanji + vocab that were just released. The app uses a local database generated from WK content, so every time something changes on the website, a new database needs to be generated and bundled in to a new version of the app.

Oooh, that makes sense. Thank you!

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Hey @davidsansome! Any idea when you will be able to update the DB to include the new items? Thanks a lot!


Anyone else experiencing syncing problems? My review count is off and I’m repeating reviews after Tsurukame. Did refresh log in/out but no avail.

Yep, got the same problem.
UPD: Solved the problem by logging out/in

Same here so looks good. However, up until yesterday there were issues.