[iOS] Tsurukame - native app with offline lessons and reviews

I would imagine it does. Tsurukame downloads information, then syncs it back. It’s probably downloaded all the level 4 stuff on your app, but since you don’t have a sub, it would hit a snag syncing progress back.

@davidsansome any plans to bring this to Android?


Thank you so much @davidsansome for your work ! Your app is amazing and the offline part is just what I needed. Hit us up if you have their is any way to donate. :blush:

I love everything about this app, it is very well done! Good job and thank you so much!

I have found some cards where kanikani and the app shows different information. maybe it would be time for another database update

if you are doing mistakes because of an slightly different font that should ring alarm bells for u. if you can only read one font your kanji learning isnt reallt that useful. try installing this

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@davidsansome this app is awesome. Genuinely awesome. Thank you so much for it. It even works pretty well on the XS Max, which is doubly awesome since it’s native. Cheers :slight_smile:

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Is this app still being updated? It became my favorite WK app on iOS real fast and it would be a shame if it stopped being developed already. GitHub and App Store show last activity over a month ago.


I did a bunch of reviews and lessons on tsurukame earlier today, to see how it had changed since I last used it, and they don’t show up as done on the AlliCrab app which is the one I usually use. Is there anything I can do about that?

Just did reviews on iPad and it did not update my account (WaniKani or iPhone Tsurukame app). Has anyone experienced this?

I restarted and I lost over 150 reviews…is this not iPad compatible? Otherwise, I happy with this app and has been extremely helpful but this is a bit frustrating.

I’ve only experienced this problem once and it was because I changed my password and didn’t update the app. But other than that, it works fine on my iPad.


Are u able to use “Export Local Database” on iPad in the settings window? This crashed everytime I selected it.

That keeps crashing for me, too.

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I’m using it on an iPhone 8 Plus and it’s basically not usable because the Japanese kana keyboard suggestion bar covers up the text entry field so I can’t see what I’ve typed. Seems like this would be a common bug?

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Got an update to the app today. I’m still seeing the same issue with the kana keyboard. In the screenshot below, I typed いりぐち but you can’t see it in the answer field because the suggestion bar blocks it (and the left most suggestion doesn’t always match what you type, so that’s not reliable).

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Is there a specific reason you prefer kana keyboard as opposed to romaji? I’ve have an 8 plus and it works just fine with romaji. Given most people use a conventional desktop keyboard and were not exposed to pre-smartphone era Japanese cellphones, it’s curious why to start with one. Thought this link was an interesting survey.

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  • because I don’t like to think about Japanese words as romaji.
  • it’s quicker to type Japanese on kana keyboard.
  • having the Romaji keyboard installed is confusing because it looks similar to the English keyboard, so I end up often typing in the “wrong” language because I don’t immediately realize which keyboard I’m on. If I have to switch keyboards, I might as well use the ones that I want.

It does seem strange that an app for learning Japanese has such a show-stopping problem with the Kana keyboard. I hope it gets fixed.

To each their own. Given you have to write English 50% of the time, it seems inconvenient to switch all the time as opposed to keeping an English keyboard and letting WK switch when necessary (you don’t have to install or switch anything). I know there are some speed champions on kana but I would only personally use it if I have one hand to type with (much like the classic cellphones).

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use an iphone alone for WK either once you have a lot reviews coming your way. Eye stress can catch up easily.

I just wanted to thank you for making this app. It by far the best app for WaniKani. I find it easier and faster to do my reviews on Tsurukame then on the wanikani site (without use of scripts). I also i love the force feedback on correct reviews, it makes it rewarding when you get clear you review item. Thanks again!

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I realize WK will switch automatically, but I still have to have two keyboards installed anyway for everything else on my phone because I do type in hiragana and katakana often… so…

And doesn’t basically every Japanese learning resource say “Do not get used to typing or writing Japanese using romaji, it will only hinder your ability to learn the language!”