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Are scripts still an option and if so can they be applied while on iOS (iPad). If possible I’d like to have the reviews show the kanji first so I can level up faster and do the vocabulary after. I often find that I’ll have 35 vocabulary reviews in front of the kanji which often slows down the process especially if I fatigue and stop for several hours. Thanks !

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Tsurukame is probably the best app for iOS


iOS generally doesn’t like allowing things like scripts to work, it’s possible there’s a workaround to make it happen but I don’t know it. There are some user made apps like
Tsurukame that include some of the more popular scripts for doing your reviews.

Like the others have said, tsurukame is a great app.

However, for your learning, I just want to point out that by having the reading and meaning cards separate, it increases your repetitions of the card. If you’re getting tired by the process this early in the levels, it may be more beneficial in the long run to have the cards separate just so you’re seeing them more often. Alternatively, you could change the length of your reviews and see if that helps. I know some folks do them in sets of 10-25. Personally I start to get tired after 50 in one sitting. I apologize if this is unwanted advise. Best of luck to you in your learning journey!

tsurukame on ios allows you to sort lessons. so you can do current level lessons first. but be careful with that option, it is quite easy to just skip the vocab lessons that way. and the vocab is essential for reinforcement and alternate readings.

besides that, scripts won’t work on any of the standard browsers on ios. i’ve heard mention of a specialised browser which allows scripting, but that may be android only, and also had limited abilities.

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