[iOS] Restudy items while abusing override plugin

Hello, minna-san!

I’m a heavy user of the override plugin.

And as burned items count increased, totally forgotten items increased too. At some moment I realized that I need a way to restudy old items whenever I have some free time. Or else it will be a bad end.

So I ended up with creating an app. I can’t say that now I’ve fully memorized all missed items, but I can now clearly see the gaps in my knowledge, that I have to cover.

So about the app:
The app contains 2 section:

  • The “Discover” section, where I traverse all items that are available for me according to my WK level. For each item, I assign one of 4 categories, A-D, where A contains most used items that I can’t even recognize, and D - burned items.
  • The “Category” sections, where I restudy items.

Simply speaking the goal is to move all items to D category.

Because of my daily schedule, I could use the app only by short sessions but often. So I store all items offline for better availability and consumption speed.

IMG_0891 com-gif-maker

As for me, numbers show that at least 22% items should be reviewed again :sweat_smile:

The item card contains next information:
For radicals: meaning.
For kanji: meaning, all pronunciations (most used one is marked).
For vocab: meaning, pronunciation, used kanji (meaning, pronunciation).
Each item has the button to open the corresponding web page on WK.

That’s it :slight_smile:. The app hasn’t been published in the store. If you encountered similar problems and the app could help you, I’d be happy to release it.
Overall, any thoughts about the app idea will be very appreciated.


Curious to see what this app is all about but at the same time I’m scared to abuse the override plugin.
Storing things offline is pretty neat, though.

Also in the gif, I think it’s supposed to be spelled as “pronunciation”.

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I’ve become too addicted to overriding, can’t overcome it at this stage :sweat_smile:

Yup, only recently learned about correct spelling of the word, after passing text to grammar check. Haven’t yet changed in the app. haha

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