[iOS] Mobile AlliCrab for WaniKani

I thought I’d fixed that too. Will have a look when I get the chance.

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Just happened again but this time with only one of two characters, so I know the font. Hope this helps.

I turned on vacation mode, but the beta version of the app still says I have a bunch of reviews. Not sure if the API is returning the wrong data, but if possible you should show 0 reviews or indicate explicitly that vacation mode is enabled.

I turned off vacation mode and now the app thinks I have a ton of lessons. I actually have 35 lessons available.

I have a fix for the incorrect lesson count as it started happening a couple weeks ago to me as well. At some point the assignments endpoint started returning unlocked lessons and I’ve added some code to filter them out. Will try and push out a new beta with this fix in the next couple days.

I do have code specifically to handle vacation mode. I look for a non-empty current_vacation_started_at in the user resource and return 0/0 lessons/reviews in that case. I thought I’d tested that, but I’ll check again.

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Hey there! Your app is really great, and I‘m using it on a daily hourly basis!

One rather large request: could you implement the lesson reorder script? I’m currently switching to a 7-day-leveling speed and without reorder, that‘s close to impossible. Otherwise, I‘d have to stop using my phone for (basically everything) Wanikani, and switch to a computer, which I would like to avoid.

I‘m probably not the first one to ask, though. And I know it‘s going to be some work for you, sorry!

I am not sure that was discussed already, sorry if that was the case.
Is there any chance to extend the support to older IOS devices (IOS 9), in order to support the Ipad Retina which is still a very nice device ? :hugs:

would it be possible for a future release that currently playing audio (e.g. spotify) is not paused but only reduced in volume during streaming of wanikani audio (memrise had this implemented quite nicely if I remember correctly)?


@cplaverty Got a bug in the beta. During reviews, when I open info for a vocab, I can see the kanji it’s made from. If I tap and hold a kanji I have the option to open it. However if I click cancel it closes the entire review session instead of just the menu.

I recently got what looks like a fresh version of the app rolled out? It’s very nice and much improved, thank you very much.

I hope you will consider the script Keisei for the future, although I know you said you would not make commitments. Alternatively I would surely make use of the ability to feed it my own scripts. I know everything takes time and I didn’t pay you deservingly for this. I appreciate it regardless.

It’s a pretty powerful app now, I don’t think I’ve ever WK’d on my pc. :tipping_hand_woman: Which is awesome because I can study in much better places and with chronic illness.

I hope you are well, btw! Thanks for this!

@cplaverty It looks like the beta is set to expire in a day. Can you refresh that for another 90 days? Or perhaps it’s time to publish the new version to the app store since the API has been stable for a while?

Hey @cplaverty, would you consider adding this script to the app? It should work out of the box.

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@cplaverty I’m getting this error on the beta using APIv2. There were recently changes made to the APIv2, but no idea if it’s related.

I’m getting the same error. Pretty sure it is due to the v2 API changes since they said there was a breaking change in it.

This is the breaking change btw: API V2 Beta Documentation - #520 by oldbonsai

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@cplaverty So I guess you still haven’t been around in a while? :slightly_frowning_face:

I recommend using the app Tsurukame if you are on iOS (don’t know if its available for android). It seems @cplaverty doesn’t have enough time to work on the app at the moment. Meanwhile Tsurukame works fine for me, but also still needs some work to be a worthy substitution for mobile wanikani. Plus, the app is really beautiful :slightly_smiling_face:

I do hope though that AlliCrab will rise again from the dead :neutral_face:

I’m really concerned about how that app reimplements a lot of the UI from scratch and my reviews themselves can not work if something breaks in the app. At least with AlliCrab, I know that the reviews will go through.

Anyone have a fork of this app’s code that they can fix this bug and release on TestFlight or something? Or maybe @cplaverty will see a pull request on GitHub?

EDIT: Created a GitHub issue.

Yeah so. I would really, really like a mute button. I love the WK-audio when I review on my laptop, but on my phone it now mutes my music and I have to go through the Settings menu on my phone to mute Wanikani (and then unmute again once I get back on my laptop). It’s such a pet peeve of mine and I would love it if I could just set the app to mute somehow, or even just have an easy mute button on my review screen.
Not sure if this is the right place to cry about this but hey I can try right.