[iOS] Mobile AlliCrab for WaniKani

I waited for nearly a minute and it never showed up. And it happened again for a radical during the same review session. Touching the item did get it to return to the default font, so I was able to answer the question and move on.

Is the list of fonts something that could be configured?

Not entirely sure what went wrong there, but I’m glad to hear you’ve got a workaround for now. Does it happen on every review session?

Yes. This is something I’d like to add.

I haven’t reviewed much on my phone the past few days, but I’ll keep an eye out and get back to you.

I look forward to it :blush:

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It happened again, but this time partially. One kanji in a word appeared while the other did not. So these two images show a font and character that didn’t render.

"Blank screen just happened to me. I was doing my reviews and at the third item or so, I clicked ‘next’ and all that I got was this. Never happened before.

There is a blank screen above this.

Not all the fonts have glyphs for all Kanji. The Jitai script is meant to handle this and skip over the font if the current quiz item contains characters it can’t render. Maybe the method it uses doesn’t do the correct thing with the mechanism I’m using the load the fonts. I will investigate.

This is what happens when the web page renderer crashes, which is mostly out of my control. Were you using a Japanese keyboard at the time it crashed? Had you just entered a reading?

It just happened again and interestingly enough it couldn’t render the tilde for a suffix. It was one of the thin fonts.

Im new to using the Allicrab app. I cant seem to get the scripts to work, specifically Improve and Override. They are selected in the settings menu but when I review, I still have to press the arrow to advance.

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same problem with improve…

Not sure if anything was done but it works for me now.

@SoraR @yashamaru123 There is a known issue with the WaniKani Improve script. A site change will cause this script to stop working once you tap the screen on a touchscreen device. I have a new version of the app that I’m currently beta testing which has a fix for this, but there are a couple more issues I have to iron out before I can release it.

I know what’s going on. Will put in a fix in the next version.

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@cplaverty I just wanted to say, thank you for also posting the source to this app on GitHub. I already use the app to study every day, and now that I’m learning a bit of swift, your app has been an excellent source for seeing how things are structured

I’m flattered, but please be aware that this is my first iOS app. I wrote it as a project to learn Swift, so there are many parts of the application which are not best practice. There’s still a lot of cruft I want to clean up (some day).

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Hey! I love the app! The update in late May really helped speed up the app on my older iPhone 5 and stopped the freezing issues I was having. So thank you for that!

That said, I’m experiencing a bug during lessons that I don’t think happened before the update. I searched this thread and didn’t find anything about it, so hopefully this isn’t repeat information.

During the quiz portion after the lessons, the app seems to focus on the text field where I type my answer, and I can’t see the kanji. I can scroll, it’s not frozen or anything. But it’s weird that the whole top of the page isn’t visible from the get-go. Here are some screenshots of what it looks like:

This doesn’t happen in reviews, only in quizzes after the lessons. In reviews, the page displays normally and doesn’t auto-scroll. The focus stays at the top of the page.

As I said, I’m using an older iPhone 5, iOS version 10.0.2. I’ve hit level 60 in the meantime, so if you find a fix I won’t be able to test it since I don’t have any more lessons. But maybe there are others with the same bug that can.

Thanks again for this app, it’s been great!

There is one feature that would be very nice if you could include it. After doing reviews, the right and wrong answers are displayed. On the webpage, when I click on one item, I get to the info page of that item. This doesn’t seem to be the case in the app, but it would be great to have it, if you can find the time.

One other thing, could you include the Katakana madness script into the app? I would love to use it, since my Katakana is crap and that way I would notice and remember what is kun’yomi and what on’yomi.

@Tyger That is a bug with the mobile version of the website, not the app. So you’re better off posting this in the bug section and tagging Viet.

That’s…really weird. Not seen that before. Especially if reviews are fine. Will have a look to see if I can reproduce.

Thank you! I’m glad you’ve found it useful.

As @seanblue notes, this is a problem that occurs even in Mobile Safari so is not specific to the app.

I’ll look into it. I’m very behind on integrating user scripts though.

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Even if it’s your first iOS app, it’s always useful to have references to see how someone else implemented things :slight_smile:

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Version 2.3 has been released to the store.

This is a pure bugfix release.

WaniKani Improve works again after the recent site change.
Jitai once again will cycle through more than just two fonts.
WaniKani Double Check has been removed, as it will cease working at the end of July: If your script or app overwrites our review progress request code, please update
iOS 11 crash fixes. There is further work for full iOS 11 support, but this fixes all the critical issues I know about.