[iOS] Mobile AlliCrab for WaniKani

Please, we need AlliCrab. If AlliCrab goes away before 4.0, this might be the last this thing to turn myself against Apple…

EDIT: I am still hoping for native reviewing, and I hope plans are in progress to do so!

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I love how Apple is like: “Thank you developers for all you do” (see any WWDC)

Then, proceeds to slowly kick out half the developers from the App Store.

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Apple when they hear devs complaining about their App Store restrictions probably


@cplaverty It’s not really necessary, but I would appreciate it if you would still consider the PR I put up on Thursday and made a testflight update with that (if you don’t have any objections of course :slight_smile:)

EDIT: Not sure why I added this as a reply to my own post… oh well :man_shrugging:

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Could you continue to put updates on something like Ignition? I’ve found that to be a pretty easy to use third party App Store for iOS. The biggest downside is that you need to download the apps again every week because their certificate gets revoked, but there are some good apps there like NineAnimator. And I’d really like to continue to get updates for this app even if it requires frequent redownloads, it’s the only way I use WaniKani personally.

Welcome to the forums! We are hoping @cplaverty can resolve his issue with the true App Store first before we discuss where to go next, but I agree that this app can’t die.

Hey y’all just want to say the app is pretty sweet!

Mainly use it for the widget/badge to check my review count. Super convenient

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Hey guys, is AlliCrab still working for you?

It is getting API failures for me and doesn’t show up in the App Store anymore. I hope it gets fixed soon, it’s the only way I can fit Wanikani in my schedule. :frowning:

My AlliCrab stopped working today :frowning:
I really rely on it for review notifications. Until it gets fixed, are there any alternatives for iOS that can send me reminders to do my reviews?


Tsurukame is the other app that I use for reviews, but I much prefer AlliCrab for lessons.


I have also been getting errors this morning. I hope it gets fixed, as I really like to do my lessons on my iPad.

@cplaverty Are you still able to push updates to TestFlight? If so (or if there is another way to distribute fixes to everyone like me still using the app) then I’d gladly look into this.

Unfortunately even if it gets fixed, since @cplaverty can no longer push new versions to the App Store it’s unlikely that the fix could be distributed out.

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My AlliCrab has also stopped working (error when fetching). Well, I can still do lessons/reviews, but the number of lessons/reviews just keeps increasing.

I really hope that AlliCrab can be fixed and distributed once again on the App Store… (I have tried other WK-based apps, but still prefer AlliCrab.)

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Thanks for the info. I guess I’ll wait and see what can be done. For now I’ll use Tsurukame as @Ranchan suggested.


Don’t we all :pensive:

The review notifications are extremely useful, and are a big reason why I’m able to keep up with my reviews without accidentally letting them pile up.

I may look into starting a server-driven WK push notification system soon, considering I specialize in NodeJS development. There are many ways to do it without creating a distributable third-party WK app (which Apple is clearly not fond of), but I wouldn’t expect anything any time soon.

EDIT: https://pushed.co/ seems pretty nifty, if I can convince them for free licensing as an open source project.


Yeah not working in my iPhone neither. It says