[iOS] Mobile AlliCrab for WaniKani

Happy to accept contributions. If there’s anything in particular you want to implement, feel free to mail me allicrab@icloud.com and we can discuss.

I should really raise all the requests I’ve had over the years as GitHub issues.


Just a suggestion, but you can also use github projects (if you’re unfamiliar it’s basically kanban boards for github issues) so that you can “prioritize” them and give everyone a visual summary of what is/isn’t/will be worked on.


Is there a version of this app for Android? I changed phone yesterday and I totally miss this app - particularly the upcoming review list. The Android app doesn’t have that feature at all and it’s bumming me out hard. :pensive:

Sorry, there’s not an Android version.

If it’s the upcoming reviews you miss, I believe you can run user scripts in Firefox on Android. So you could grab the timeline script and run it there?

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Ah,that’s a shame but thanks for your reply. I’ll check out the timeline script! Thanks. :smile:

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AlliCrab 3.0 will be the last version available on the App Store.

The 3.1 update was rejected for the reason I’ve been dreading: because it doesn’t (and can’t) offer in-app purchases for WK subscriptions. She said they can’t approve the app while it has a login for a subscription service, and I couldn’t seem to explain to her that the information in the app is specific to a particular person and so the app has no useful functionality without the ability to log in.

I will probably continue working on the app for my personal use and may continue to produce TestFlight versions until my developer subscription expires. It’s a shame it has to end this way, but I see no other option.



There has to be a way!

I know the Amazon Kindle app is free with no in-app-purchased, but they cannot sell books there, just read them.
Isn’t this a similar thing?

Is there a way to work around it with the 3 free levels?

How does other “Wanikani” Apps deal with it?

By the way, this is how my iPhone use looks like:


There’s a general exemption for media, which why Kindle, Netflix, etc. are not required to use IAP:

3.1.3(a) “Reader” Apps: Apps may allow a user to access previously purchased content or content subscriptions (specifically: magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music, video, access to professional databases, VoIP, cloud storage, and approved services such as classroom management apps), […]

But these rules are all applied inconsistently. Sometimes you get lucky and they approve something that’s technically against their rules, and sometimes you don’t.

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Maybe??? How does Tsurukame deal with it?

How does Apple not understand the concept of third party apps? :disappointed:

It’s really messed up that they’re so desperate to get their cut that they’d shut down an app like this.


I think you could make the app look at the kanji etc that are available even without a subscription, and then enable the review etc once one puts the Api2 key that is not really a log in.

Good point. @cplaverty why do you even need to have people log in?

What Apple objects to is the unlocking of content from a service which accepts subscriptions, even if some of the content is available without a subscription. Whether you gain access to the service data through a login or an API key doesn’t seem to matter (they objected to both).

Your suggestion would result in a situation similar to how Benkyou interacted with the WK API, which had a version rejected by App Review a few months ago. That app originally used API key entry to link to a WK account when it was rejected, and changing this to a login still resulted in rejection.

That is very sad indeed. Well I hope we’ll still be able to use test flight versions.


You could always publish app builds externally not though the app store (s3 for example) and have people download/install from there… Then you are at least completely free from the app store restrictions, while still allowing people to somewhat easily install it.

Aw, damn, that sucks. When I was told by Apple that Benkyou was rejected, I assumed that it was because I offered some content for free (hiragana and katakana flashcards), and a WaniKani login without in-app purchases. My plan was to split the app to have one that just offered the WaniKani login, as it seemed like their objection was offering unlockable content.

I hope that Tofugu can offer some assistance with this, since it seems like Apple is intent in killing 3rd party ecosystems that don’t make money for them.

It’s the same thing, which tells me their just getting lucky the same way Allicrab has been up until now and will probably suffer the same fate eventually.

That’s not possible on iOS. Apps distributed outside of the App Store need to have a provisioning profile listing the specific IDs of the devices that it’s going to be installed in. Otherwise it won’t install.