[iOS] Mobile AlliCrab for WaniKani

It’s great to hear reorder ultimate is coming! :thumbsup:

Hi @cplaverty! Dunno if this is nice to hear or if you care, but alliCrab doesn’t suck. This is coming from me, an app developer and someone who is very picky about what I use. Ordinarily I use the pink Android app, but I will use AlliCrab on the iPad (nothing else though).

The only think I miss bout AlliCrab, aside from my Google flick keyboard, which is not your problem, is the indicator that shows the current level of the item.

So: nice work! Is it Obj-C or Swift? Just wondering…

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Hey, thanks for your hard work on the app. I use it often when I am away from the computer and it has helped me immensely in keeping up with my reviews. When I don’t I use it quickly to check if I have any reviews I need to do and then just jump on the PC!

Despite what people may have to say about the app just know that there are people out there enjoying it! :smile:

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The source is on github :octopus: :heart_eyes_cat:


Reorder will be great. Wish we could get mobile bluetooth keyboard to work a little better, but sounds like that is more of an IOS problem.

Still I use this every day, works great.

With effect from the next update. However, in case you’re not aware, if you tap and hold on the text it will revert to the default font so you can read it. As long as your finger remains on the glass, you can move your finger off the text and the font won’t change.

Thank you! Adding Mempo’s SRS indicator script ([Userscript] Wanikani Review SRS/Level Indicator) is something that’s been on my list for a long time.

As tomboy has noted, the source is on github. It’s in Swift, and wanting a practical project to work on to learn Swift is one of the reasons the app exists. I’ve been doing development in many languages for many years, but I’ve wanted to learn iOS development for a while. This is my first iOS app, so the code is a bit messy in places as I was learning as I went.

Thank you!

Bluetooth keyboard support is much better in the version I’m working on, provided you’re using iOS 9 or later. However, there is somewhat of a workaround in the current App Store version. Rather than tapping Reviews to start a review session, scroll to the bottom of the dashboard and tap WaniKani Dashboard, then start your reviews from there. This uses a different, newer web component which has better external keyboard support. As part of the new version, I’m making this web component the default for all web views.

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@cplaverty Thanks for the tip. I think I may have found another issue. In the two days I’ve been using the app, twice I’ve seen the widget not updating. Specifically, it was still showing that there were reviews when I had already completed them.
Based on what happened, I have two guesses for what the cause could be (I’ll post an update if I figure out how to reproduce it consistently).

  1. I force-closed the app after completing some, but not all, reviews.
  2. I completely my reviews on a different device.

How are you determining when to refresh the widget? Perhaps this needs to be tweaked. Another option would be to have a refresh button on the widget so users can force the data to be updated.

With another try, it seems related to #2 above. The timer until review updated to say there were 4 reviews. Then I did those reviews on my computer and the counter in the widget didn’t update again until I opened the app.

The app uses Background App Refresh to keep itself up to date. I don’t have any direct control over when it kicks in since there’s no server component to the app. If you do your reviews elsewhere, the app will show out-of-date information until iOS gives background time to the app, or you manually open it (assuming it hasn’t already done a refresh since the last quarter hour).

To manually refresh the app, just pull down on the main dashboard view.

First of all. Thanks for your response and thank you for your great app!
Second. I made a script in Workflow (ios only) for tracking my WaniKani statistics and I was looking for a way to open your app using URL scheme.

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This morning I was unable to open the information panel when I got an answer wrong. It just caused the in-app browser to lock up. I was using Jitai and the Ignore Button at the time.

That makes me happy… I had fun with Armed Banana at first but I’m kinda over it. Argh. Who even writes like that anyway!


A few people have reported similar issues. It’s something I get from time to time but could never nail down the exact underlying cause. I think I’ve fixed it in the next version, but because the issue was intermittent for me I can’t be sure.

Any idea when the update is coming?

I usually beta test a new version for a week or two before releasing it. I’m aiming to start testing before the end of the week.

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@cplaverty I found one more minor issue. In the computer browser, the Jitai script does two things. Before you answer it shows the different font by default and hovering shows the normal font. After you submit an answer, it shows the normal font by default and hovering shows the different font. However, that second part doesn’t work quite right in the app. When you answer a review it does change from the different font to the normal font as the default display, but touching the kanji/word permanently shows the different font instead of returning to the normal font when you stop touching the screen.

Also, how can I sign up to beta test the app? That is, if you’re interesting in having additional beta testers.

I’ll have a look into that Jitai issue you’re seeing, see if I can figure out what’s going on.

Always interested in new beta testers, thanks! I use Apple’s TestFlight to beta test the app. If you send me an email to allicrab@icloud.com, I’ll add you to the beta test list.

Version 2.2 has been released to the store.

This is a very minor release which is primarily a bug fix release. First and foremost, I believe this fixes a crash on expanding the item info panel while reviewing that a few people experienced. It also fixes a couple minor issues that came about due to changes in the WK site: it now correctly retrieves the API key again on initial setup, and the SRS timings have been corrected so the time to guru should be correct again. Also, I’ve updated the web component used for lessons/reviewing which should result in increased speed of large review sessions and improved support for external keyboards (on iOS 9 and higher).

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Something new came up since the last update:
When I’m done doing my reviews and after tapping ‘Done’, the review count on the homescreen shows always 1. It doesn’t go away until I tap on reviews, see the review webpage with 0 at the top right and tap on ‘Done’ again.
I’m one of your beta testers by the way :wink:

I’ve seen this happen when WaniKani Improve is enabled. Do you have this user script enabled?

Incidentally, I have the opposite experience: the new version fixes this issue for me whereas I’d have the lingering one review with the old version. (I do use WaniKani Improve.)

And thank you for helping me test new versions! Do you know which version it started happening in? Has it been since the very first 2.2 beta?