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I was wondering if there’s an easy way to do extra non-binding reviews on iOS? Unfortunately, I am separated from my regular computer and beloved Self-Study Quiz for about a week. Apparently Apple thinks it’s a great idea to make mobile browsers unable to use extensions.

I use Tsurukame, but I don’t think it has a review part built in, as far as I can tell. Theoretically, I could just keep re-asking reviews, but I like my review sessions to be the ‘test’ where I pre-study vocab and kanji that I know I would screw up otherwise.

So my limits are; iOS, no extensions/scripts, maybe too lazy to make an Anki deck if there’s a cool tool I haven’t stumbled on yet. Suggestions?

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My week on Tsurukame really drove home how much WaniKani needs user curated quizzes. If the point is to learn kanji, how could more reviews be wrong? Maybe the SRS nerds want to debate it, but if I can’t recall 諦める or 補う, and a couple of extra reviews help, why wait until I type in a wrong answer if I already know I’m wrong?

A little flag on an item of ‘I need help with this one’ and then a cram option would be great.

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No, it’s currently a pending feature request to Tsurukame.

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