Invite to Topics (Mobile)

Nope. Nada. I’d post a screenshot to show you except I can’t without emailing it to myself and doing it from my laptop :persevere:

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You could always add to Dropbox and generate a link. :wink:

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How are you opening up the forums on your device? Right in a chrome tab?

Well it depends: if I have reviews that I wish to avoid, I made a homescreen icon once upon a time straight to the forums… can’t even recall how I did that, there was a link to do it or something, but that opens a dedicated browser to the forums. Most of the time though, I make myself finish my reviews and the hit the little crabigator to get here :innocent:

I just accessed the website from my browser and then my phone asked me if I wanted an icon on my home screen. And that is how.

That would explain why I can’t duplicate it, it’s a one-time thing!

If you’re opening up the forums in in app, like the wanikani app after reviews, it wont let you upload.

You can add a homescreen shortcut by opening up the site in chrome and going to your overflow menu and selecting add to homescreen.

By Jove that DID work in the webview, didn’t it? See? Most of the time I do my reviews first like a good dog!

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This is Discourse, not Discord.

With my browser - Chrome (mobile). Just type in

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I keep getting a “memory error” so I personally can’t. My phone is overloaded, though.

The app author needs to add a webviewClient or a webChromeClient, or a something or other, I haven’t done that lately, have been doing Fire TV web app.

Yeah, it makes a temporary copy of the file to upload, so if there isn’t enough room for the copy, no go. Reminds me of a rather puzzling dialog that Windows NT 4 gave me once when I was short on space, it said, “Cannot delete the file . There is not enough disk space. Please delete one or more files and try again.”


That’s essentially the loop I’m in with my phone, because it’s still a version of Android where it doesn’t properly or fully put things on your SD card. I’ve got a 32GB micro SD in there… and it’s not being used at all!!! I think somehow, I was able to set my camera app to send pictures and video directly there, but nothing else really is there. [EDIT: Even those may be going to the “virtual” SD card… so hard to be sure!]

Well another problem with trying to do that is even if you move apps to the SD card, when they update they get put back on internal storage, and apps these days update every couple of weeks. I gave up. I’m going to factory reset this phone soon because Android never reclaims storage space fully from deleting an app either, so once you get close to being full there’s not much you can do besides factory reset.

Every couple of days I’ve seen, usually. And the version of android I have now no longer has the “move app to SD card” option that 2.2.2 did on my old phone, to move as much of the app over as possible. So I’ve got “expandable memory” but it isn’t really all that expandable.

EDIT: I may have to do the same. I’m over the 1 year warranty, so I’m looking to ROOT my phone for a totally CLEAN OS, too. The one that Sony Xperia made is completely filled with bloatware, that I never wanted, haven’t ever used, and worst of all couldn’t delete!

Custom ROM ftw. I haven’t used stock in 5 years. Never will again.

I’ve got a link to a forum for my specific phone… hoping I can find a good one.

Ya know, considering my latest work it can now be said that I am a FIRE programmer!!

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