Invite to Topics (Mobile)

Is anyone else having trouble inviting others to threads on a mobile device?

When I try to do it on my Android phone it pops open the box, but I can’t type anyone’s name to invite them.

Edit: Added screenshot.

If I wait long enough I’m sure AnimeCanuck or Kumirei will find me.


Can’t you just notify someone by using @?

I don’t use mobile though.


You can. But, sometimes I just want my to use the invite button.

I haven’t tried that on PC even. And in your screenshot, it looks like there is a tiny sliver of a text box that you might be able to type in.

Really more of a bug for Discourse and not Viet, though.

I can click it and start to type but no people show up as suggestions besides the default ones.

Maybe in their personal settings they don’t want that kind of notification.

How do you even access the WK community from mobile?
With your browser? Or the discord app?

Okay, which of you people are the default ones?

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With the Android app you can get there by clicking on the WaniKani logo thing on the top left after your reviews / lessons.

That’s how I do it at least.

I don’t know how it decides this.

Are they meaningful to you in any way? On your stats sheet? Know them even?

I don’t recognize any of them…

Also, a question since you use the Android mobile app: can you post a picture here from a file via mobile? I can’t figure out a way…

(I seemed to have asked myself that question lol)

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Yeah, I just use the upload button and it works just fine.

I click that button and nothing happens. This sounds like the author used a common file manager call, but unfortunately there is no guarantee that a file manager is included with a given Android installation, it depends on the version, the phone manufacturer,and the cellular provider.

This pops up on mine.